Glen Elder Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Crappie Fair to Good 8-13 inches

Anglers have been reporting improved crappie catch rates from deep drops along the river channel and in the marina slips.  Small jigs and minnows are working best.  The bite is often best early in the morning and late in the afternoon.  There have also been some fish caught off the brush piles around the state park area.

Beginning in January 2019 there will be a 10 inch minimum length limit on crappie at Glen Elder!

Walleye Fair 14-22 inches Anglers do not catch many walleye during the winter out here.  Best bets to catch some now would be to target deeper water along the river channel in the lower half of the reservoir.  During the day, fish can be found as deep as 40 feet, but they will move shallower at night.
Trout Good 10-15 inches

The latest trout stocking occurred on December 31st and the fish looked very good.  The pond is currently covered with a thin layer of ice so it will be difficult for anglers to fish until the ice thickens or clears off.  Once anglers are able to fish, the best baits to try include Powerbait, minnows, and worms.

Don't forget to purchase a trout permit!!!

White Bass Good 11-18 inches White bass can be caught in good numbers out here throughout the winter in a variety of locations.  Check around the outlet area with the high outflows occurring right now.  Also, fish can be found off main lake points along the north shore and near the south bluffs.  Fish will also be stacking up west of the causeway and anglers should be able to find some along the river channels in that area.

All of the boat ramps are iced in.  The reservoir is 30% ice covered, but the ice is not safe for ice fishing!!!  Anglers can try fishing off the docks or fish in the outlet below the dam.

This is a generic winter fishing report.  It will only be changed when there are new reports or conditions change.  Check back for updates on open boat ramps, ice conditions, fishing reports, etc.

Anglers can now find GPS locations for each of the brush piles located in the reservoir. Simply click on this link Good Fishing Spots and select the individual brush pile. As we enhance these brush piles throughout the year, we'll make a note under each individual location.

Current Water Temperature: 32°F        Current Water Level: 1.0 feet above conservation

Please discard of leftover bait in a trash can, even baitfish. Remember it is illegal to release any fish into public water unless it was taken from that water!