Ottawa State Fishing Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Largemouth Bass Slow 1-4 pounds Winter bass fishing is fairly slow, but fish can still be caught.  Fishing around the flooded cattails, jetties, and lily pads are good places to try.  Soft plastics, crankbaits, and spinnerbaits are good lures to try this time of year.
Bluegill Slow 4 to 6 Inches Look for bluegill around the rocks on the piers and around any brush in the water. Worms and small jigs are a good bet.  These guys can be caught throughout the year using a variety of techniques.  Some anglers prefer to fly fish with small nymphys or dry flies fished on the surface.
Channel Catfish Slow 12-25 inches If there is any inflow, catfish will normally congregate there to feed.  Shad sides, shad gizzards, shrimp, and chicken livers are all good baits to try for catfish.  Fishing in the evening and after dark may yield the best results. There are normally a lot of catfish around the outlet area near the dam throughout the year.
Saugeye Slow 12-24 inches

Saugeye can be found along the creek channel in 8 to 10 feet of water this time of year.  The lower half of the lake is probably holding the best numbers.  Many of the saugeye in the lake are of legal size and anglers should be able to have some success if targeting saugeye.  Jig and crawler, minnows, crankbaits, and swim baits are all good options to use for catching saugeye now.

The minimum length limit for saugeye will drop from 18 inches to 15 inches in 2019.  Anglers should immediately realize the benefits of harvesting more saugeye with the lower length limit.  The daily creel limit will remain at 5 fish per day.

Crappie Fair to Good Most 8-13 inches Some very nice crappie up to 13 inches can be caught now using jigs and jigs tipped with minnows.  Also, casting road runners and Panther Martins along the jetties and brush near shore may also yield some nice crappie this time of year as they are feeding on shad now.  Anglers  might also target the brush piles which are marked with fish attractor buoys.
General Comments

This is a generic winter fishing report.  It will only be changed when there are new reports or conditions change.  Check back for updates on open boat ramps, ice conditions, fishing reports, etc.

Water temperature: 35ºF


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