Webster Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, and Location
Crappie no reports 7 to 17 inches Ice has been problematic relative to accessing typical winter time crappie hangouts.  If cold air creates thick enough ice to get out on, the fish attractor brushpiles would be target locations to fish.  Jigs, small slab spoons, or minnows fish deep in or near the submerged cedar trees should produce.
Walleye no reports   It won't be long before pre-spawn female walleye will begin cruising the dam and adjacent shallow underwater breaks.  We still have six weeks of winter and cold water temps to endure, but the walleye spawn will be here before you know it. 
White Bass/Wiper no reports   With no boating due to iced-up launching facilities, access to white bass and wipers has been non-existent.
Catfish no reports   Catfish are concentrated in deeper regions of the lake for the winter.  If ice thaws, the dinner bell rings and catfish become slightly more active seeking dead shad that become dislodged from the ice.  Shallow areas near wind blown shores where the shad will pile up are good places to fish.  This scenario can be short-lived so anglers are encouraged to keep abreast of melting/thawing conditions. 
Largemouth Bass no reports   If crappie action commences with improved ice thickness, a few smaller black bass are normally creeled when fishing live bait such as fathead minnows.  However, the better, consistent bass fishing is still several months away.  
Rainbow Trout Good 8 to 18 inches The past two stockings of trout have barely been pressured due to the limitations imposed by the weather and associated ice. The best trout baits are assorted powerbaits, salmon eggs, and small spinners. The next stocking is slated for the middle part of March. The stilling basin currently has approx. 3-5 inches of ice cover.  Stay tuned for conditions, if warm air arrives, trout success could be excellent as the ice melts, or conversely, if cold air creates good, thick ice, ice fishing would be good! Anglers are currently able to fish on the ice.
General Comments


SURFACE ELEVATION- 1892.34 ---- 0.11' below conservation pool

The water level is 1.63' lower than it was one year ago at this time. All high-water boat ramps are usable (Old Marina, Rock Point and Goose Flats) at this level.  However, they are all currently iced in and ice thickness throughout the lake ranges from variable in thickness, to open out over the deeper reaches.  Ice cover in frozen coves is not suitable for foot traversing and is highly discouraged!  Use extreme caution if venturing out on any ice in any area of the reservoir, and never travel across the ice alone!  

A current release rate of 130 cfs from the irrigation canal is being conducted to maintain the lake level.  

Remember it is illegal to release any fish into public water unless it was taken from that water. Please discard leftover bait in a trash can.

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