Critzer Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Largemouth Bass Good 13 to 18 inches with a few at 22 inches The lake is at full pool, water clarity is great at this time. Work the shore and rocky areas, or trees, some larger fish available up to 6 pounds, best luck with dark colored jipnpigs, plastic worms, crank baits in  close to cover.  The majority of fish are in the 12 inch to 4 pound range. 
Smallmouth Bass Slow 13 to 15" A limited fishery exists some are taken on jigs, spinners, along the dam and rocky areas.
Channel Catfish Excellent 15" to 8 pounds This is a good catfish population with fish over 3 pounds and up to 15 pounds. Use cut shad, cut sunfish, worms, liver, prepared baits, lakewide or along the piers along the parking lot. The fish feeder at the north area is ON for the season. 
Crappie Good  any size Sampling indicates good numbers of nice fish (9 to 12 inches) use minnows and jigs, lakewide. Fish are moving into shallow areas for spawning.
Walleye Slow  most between 15 to 17 inches Recent sampling indicates good numbers of  fish (17.5 to 22 inches) are available. Some are taken on jigs tipped with worms, spinners, dam and upper creek channel
General Comments

 Water levels are normal.  Go fishing, the fish have to eat.  Some good bass and catfish were caught this week.  

This is a great Kayak or small craft lake.  Critzer Lake is one of Kansas' newest lakes and was opened to fishing in August of 2011. Many anglers use kayaks or tubes to float into the cover and are very successful. There is a double lane boat ramp. The floating dock is finished and compliments this great fishing lake.  The lake is primarily a boat lake but there is shoreline access east of the boatramp where anglers can set up on the two piers and be very close to the parking lot. This 220 acre lake offers 180 acres of standing timber so there is a no-wake speed limit.

There is a second, smaller access area located at the south west part of the lake, from 800 rd. and Gorman, north 1/4 mile.  This area makes it easier for anglers in small craft to launch and paddle/fish the more timbered areas. There is a parking lot and gravel ramp and provides shoreline angling also. 

This lake was sampled on 5/23/2018, and many largemouth bass were caught and released, varying in size (nothing over 4 lbs.), as well as a few smallmouth bass. There is a lot of cover in this lake and electrofishing may not catch bigger fish.  There is a great channel cat population, with a lot of fish in the 2 to 8 pound range.  There are a few walleye between 14 and 21 inches were seen as well.  White crappie are abundant and caught close to cover, with light colored jigs.  The water is clear unless there have been heavy rains.

Zebra Mussels have recently been found in Hillsdale Lake, and we'd like to remind you to stay aware and take all precautions necessary to prevent the spread into uncontaminated waters! This includes cleaning and rinsing your boat and motor, trailer, and equipment, draining any excess water from previous outings, and allowing your boat to dry before using it in a different body of water. 


We have improved the area with a floating dock, located just west of the boat ramp.

For tips on spring bass fishing watch this KDWPT video at the following link! 

Check out this video from Brent Chapman fishing for bass in Critzer Lake!