Ft. Scott Lake Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
black bass Excellent varies water level is perfect,  bass are active and feeding, good results with shad crank baits, soft plastic baits to fish structure, weed beds and along rocky points.
channel catfish Good varies, some very nice Very good population of channel catfish improves success. lakewide and around the feeders, use cut shad, sponge baits, worms. Recent fish population sampling indicates a great population of channel catfish in the 2 - 5 pound range. Fish the South end where creek comes in during or after a rain.  
walleye Slow varies use dark jigs and crankbaits, along flats and drop-offs.  most fish are above the 18 inch length limit.
crappie Good varies, many over 11 inches Crappie are very active and have moved into shallow water.  There are a high percentage of fish over 10 inches.  Try black and white jigs under a float. 
bluegill Slow varies use small baits, such as worms, jigs suspended under a float, in deeper water
General Comments

Ft Scott Lake has a good reputation for producing good stringers of channel catfish.  Channel catfish from the rearing pond are stocked into this lake each fall.

Recent tree/habitat placements, In 2014, 2015 and 2016, 2017 about 900 xmas trees were placed at each end of the dam and along Scorotino Park.  The tree placement along the dam are very accessible for shoreline anglers.  This project is will improve angler success for bass and crappie.   

 Remember- Wear a Lifejacket and Reach - Throw - Don t Go. Buy your state fishing license and have fun. Please remember the special length/creel limits.

Get the kids, get your friends and Go Fishing. Remember to "CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY" your boats, trailers and equipment.

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For tips on spring bass fishing check out the KDWPT video at the following link! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpIJaiyW32k 

For crappie anglers, watch this 25-minute video that covers Kansas crappie fishing during spring, summer, fall, and winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sazyEuIT_bk 

This is a Community Fisheries Assistance Lake Cooperator,no city permits for fishing and boating while fishing. City permit required for recreational boating.