La Cygne Reservoir Fishing Report -
Species Rating Size Baits, Method, Location
Channel, blue and flathead catfish,  Excellent all sizes,  Sunfish or cutshad, worms, prepared baits, liver are usually good baits. Fish sampling indicates that this lake has lots of channel catfish, big flathead and blues to catch. There is a growing population of blue catfish up to 89 pounds or larger.  Catfishing can be very good at night, some anglers really target large blue cats now at drop offs close to the creek channel. use live or cut baits or worms. 
Crappie Fair, picking up 9 - 12 inches Some fish caught off of marina coves and along the dam.  There are a good numbers of fish 10- 12 inches long. Best lures to use are jigs/ minnows, near structure. At the dam, bounce jigs off the outlet wall, but don't go over the restrictive cable. Try any of the brushpiles or Georgia cubes placed for fish habitat.  There are some close to the marina shoreline.
Largemouth Bass Good varies but 16 to 20 inches is common Largemouth bass fishing is good and will get better, some good fish caught in the weedbeds.  Fish the riprap areas, use cranks, plastic worms, lizards or spinner baits like shad imitations.  Bass over 10 and close to 11 pounds have been caught in this lake.  
white bass Good varies, some 1.5 pound  Use shad imitations, silver spoons.  Most of the fish caught at the hot water outlet have been the 1 to 2 pound range.
wiper Slow some up to 12 pounds   Most fish are in the 4 - 6 pound range with a few larger.  Some fish caught out over the bridge.
carp Slow all sizes along the shoreline in weedbeds
General Comments

The water is good and clear. 

BASSMASTERS has recognized LA CYGNE RESERVOIR in its TOP 10 bass lakes of the Midwest.  We know La Cygne  Reservoir is a great bass lake but its nice to receive this type of recognition from Bassmasters.  For more information check out these two sites.  there was a 6 pounder and a 7 pounder caught last week.  Near the hot water outlet.

The water level is very full and has flooded lots of weedbeds that are full of crappie, channel catfish and bass.  For information on the Linn County Marina boat ramps call 913 757-6633.  Fishing at La Cygne produces a mixed bag of fish from big blue, channel or flathead catfish, to white bass and wipers or crappie and largemouth bass. Good shoreline angler access is provided by the Linn County Park on the west side of the lake.

HOT WATER ACCESS. On the east side of the lake access to the hot water return, where a lot of fish are caught when its cold, is: at 69 HWY and Ks HWY 152, go east and drive across the dam on E.2200 Rd., turn north at Young Rd. and go West at E. 2400 Rd. to the parking lot.  Anglers walk from the parking lot west on the path to the hot water return area. But this is a great place to fish.  

This lake has had a reproducing blue catfish population for many years, fingerling blue cats were stocked this fall to supplement that population. Another goal for this lake is to improve blue cat angling.

 Call the Linn County Park at 913-757-6633 for more information or camping, and cabins reservations.

Zebra Mussels have recently been found in Hillsdale Lake, and we'd like to remind you to stay aware and take all precautions necessary to prevent the spread into uncontaminated waters! This includes cleaning and rinsing your boat, motor, trailer and equipment, draining any excess water from previous outings, and allowing your boat to dry before using it in a different body of water. 

Get the family, get your friends and Go Fishing. Remember to "CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY" your boats, trailers and equipment. Don't move water from any lake.

Habitat improvement and shoreline enhancement continue to improve by adding Georgia cubes.  I have added Georgia cubes to several areas to enhance angling especially along shoreline areas.  The gps coordinates are:

Location La Cygne Reservoir

Habitat                                longititude             latititude              description    date

hot water weir                   N 38 22.852           W 094 39.112      13 cubes       2017                 
big bass spot                     N 38 22.420           W 094 39.643      3   cubes       2017