Pomona Reservoi Fishing Report -
 Species Rating Size Baits, Method, & Location
Channel Catfish Excellent all sizes Use worms or dip baits and sunfish entrails or cutshad, stink/prepared baits.  THE FISH FEEDERS ARE On. THE outlet can be very good when releasing larger amounts of water.  There is the occasional harvest of the blue catfish.
Walleye Slow varies off the dam or along deeper steep banks on crank baits or jigs tipped with night crawlers
White bass/Wipers  Slow varies  use minnows/live baits, cut bait, sometimes for wipers use liver and shad imitation lures
Crappie Slow varies but range 8 -12 inches some nice fish occasionally caught especially around the rock quarry and along dragoon.  Best baits are dark jigs and/or minnows.  Recent sampling indicates that that there are good numbers of larger crappie  around the 11 inch or bigger range.  
Largemouth Bass Slow Most are 10 to 15 inches Pomona has a limited black bass fishery. Catches are more common in the Marina area and in the coves on a variety of baits to include crankbaits and soft baits
General Information

Currently the lake is high. For daily water levels or release rates check out the Pomona COE web site, listed below.  Currently the stilling basin should be good because of the water releases.

  However  fishing at the outlet usually improves with higher water releases. Anglers have caught some fish at the outlet because of the high water releases. Overall the crappie population is good with a few older fish that are in the 12 to 14 inch range and a lot of younger fish up to 11 inches.   

The catfish population in this impoundment is good, try fishing with live bait, liver or shad or assorted stink baits, especially after rain/inflow events.

Also remember this lake has a good wiper population.  These are often caught at the drop offs along creek channels, and around concentrations of gizzard shad.

The reservoir also supports some larger walleye and blue catfish, though in low numbers.  These numbers will be improved by future stockings. 

 Zebra mussels now inhabit this lake. This means take EXTRA PRECAUTION to help prevent the spread into uncontaminated impoundments.

"Clean, Drain and Dry" before  and after using any equipment on this lake.

 For additional information, water temperature, release rates, please check:http://www.nwk.usace.army.mil/Locations/District-Lakes/Pomona-Lake/Daily-Lake-Information/ 

Have FUN,Get the kids, get your friends and Go Fishing. Remember to "CLEAN, DRAIN AND DRY" your boats and equipment. The State and COE Parks are ready for family fishing.

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Check out this video on fish management provided by KDWPT http://ksoutdoors.com/Fishing/Special-Fishing-Programs-for-You/Fishing-Videos/Kansas-Fish-Management 

For crappie anglers, watch this 25-minute video that covers Kansas crappie fishing during spring, summer, fall, and winter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sazyEuIT_bk