Yates Center City Lake Fishing Report -
Species Size Rating Baits, Methods, Locations
Redear and Bluegill up to 10" Fair A good population of both species is present in this lake. Use the good ol nightcrawler or mealworm under a bobber around deep structure.
Largemouth Bass 8-18" Fair Reaction style baits should produce this time of year. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, or jerkbaits fished around the woody or rocky habitat. Fish will become more active as the water warms into upper 40s or into the 50s.
Catfish up to 10lbs. Fair livers, dip baits, worms, and other prepared bait lakewide. 
Wipers/White Bass 8-18" Fair Curly-tailed grubs, crankbaits or swim baits around schools of shad. Wind blown shorelines should be good places to start. Vertical jigging slab spoons or shad imitation jigs around the creek channel may also be productive.
Crappie up to 12" Fair-Good Efforts should probably be focused on deeper water and brush located near dropoffs or the creek channel. Jigs of various colors and sizes usually work well this time of year.
Walleye 15-24" slow crankbaits around rocky shoreline during low light conditions.

Early spring can be an excellent time to go fishing as the waters start to warm up so do the fish and they will want to eat.

Water Temp. 42 on 3-11-19 

This lake contains Eurasian Watermilfoil. Please remember to help stop the spread of Aquatic Nuisance Species Clean, Drain, and Dry your boat and equipment when leaving water bodies.