43Webster Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers

1,000 ducks, primarily mallards, 3,000 Canada geese, 3,000 snow geese. 

Mallard Migration Rank 2 (3 = Worst 10 = Best)

Water level At conservation level.
Hunting conditions Inflows in 2018 raised the reservoir to 7 feet above conservation level.  Releases to maintain the reservoir at this level and then irrigation releases have resulted in the reservoir being presently at conservation level.  Due to the slow drawdown and above average rainfall, the shoreline has a lot of vegetative growth on it with limited areas of exposed bare mudflats.  The vegetation along the shoreline may be beneficial for duck hunters but reduces the amount of loafing areas for geese. Boat hunters will find many areas of flooded timber.  The area from the southeast corner of the reservoir west to 9 Road is designated as "No Motorized Boats" and is intended for use by walk-in hunters.
Expected hunting success Poor.


Refuge dates: Nov. 1 through Jan.31.

The Refuge on the water ends on Jan. 31.  However, hunting in or from  the shoreline inside the State Park or along the face of the dam is prohibited. 

Teal Season

Sept. 9 - 24, 2017

Blue/Green Algae

The reservoir has been removed from a blue/green algae watch. 

Teal Season

Sept. 8-23, 2018

Duck Season on Webster Reservoir  Duck Season      

Oct. 27-Dec. 30, 2018 and Jan. 19-27, 2019 

Goose Season on Webster Reservoir

CANADA GEESE  Oct. 27-28, 2018 and Nov. 7, 2018-Feb. 17, 2019

WHITE-FRONTED   Oct. 27-Dec. 30, 2018 and Jan. 26-Feb. 17, 2019

LIGHT GEESE  Oct. 27-28, 2018 and Nov. 7, 2018-Feb. 17, 2019


Feb. 18 - April 30, 2019


5% ice present on reservoir.  Ice only in coves.  Boat Ramps are beginning to open up.



 2018 - 2019 WEBR Waterfowl Refuge Map