Licenses Stamps Permits

Licenses, Stamps, Permits and Other Department Issues

115-09-01 (PDF - 135.32 kB)

Licenses, Stamps, Permits and Other Department Issues - Procedures, Form and Content, and Applications

115-09-02 (PDF - 136.31 kB)

Issuance of Duplicate Licenses, Permits, Stamps, and Other Department Issues

115-09-03 (PDF - 135.87 kB)

Purchase of Lifetime Hunting or Lifetime Combination Hunting and Fishing Licenses w/o Certificate of Completion of Approved Hunter Education Course

115-09-04 (PDF - 8.68 kB)

Hunting or Furharvester License Purchase

115-09-05 (PDF - 8.27 kB)

Hunting, Fishing Furharvesting Licenses and State Park Permits - Effective Dates

115-09-06 (PDF - 8.07 kB)

Vehicle Permits Display

115-09-07 (PDF - 137.77 kB)

Hunting Licenses - General Activites for Which a Hunting License Shall not be Required

115-09-08 (PDF - 9.53 kB)

Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program - Requirements, Exemptions.

115-09-09 (PDF - 8.89 kB)

Electronic licenses, permits, stamps, tags, and other issues of the department; other requirements.

115-18-22 (PDF - 8.90 kB)

Senior pass valid for hunting and fishing; requirements, restrictions, and permit duration.