The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks sets migratory bird season dates within parameters established through federal regulation. These federal regulations are set by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. US Fish and Wildlife Service Website http://www.fws.gov.

115-09-08 (PDF - 9.53 kB)

Migratory Bird Harvest Information Program - Requirements, Exemptions.

115-18-08 (PDF - 9.48 kB)

Retrieval and possession of game animals and migratory game birds - Requirements

115-18-13 (PDF - 138.40 kB)

Dark Geese - Management Units, Permit and Restrictions.

115-18-14 (PDF - 9.65 kB)

Non-Toxic Shot - Statewide

115-18-16 (PDF - 135.24 kB)

Light Goose Conservation Order - General Provisions and Restrictions.

115-25-19 (PDF - 9.80 kB)

Doves; management unit, hunting season, shooting hours, and bag and possession limits.

115-25-20 (PDF - 11.77 kB)

Sandhill Crane - Management Unit, Hunting Season, Shooting Hours, and Bag and Possession Limits