Fancy Creek Range

Fancy Creek Range and Friends of Fancy Creek Range

The range is open every first and third full weekends of the month, plus the fourth Thursday. Hours of operation is 10AM until 4PM. Certified Range Masters are present to ensure safe operations. A user fee is required to use the range in addition to state park vehicle permits. Contact the park office for more details. Construction of the 50 meter range is complete.  The Friends of Fancy Creek Range operate the range by providing basic maintenance, certified RSO's, and programs such as Women on Target, Silhouette shooting, and Kids Day at the Range.  If you have an interest in firearms the Friends Group would like for you to become a part of the range.

Fancy Creek Archery Range

  • The latest addition to the range has been a elevated tower and a crossbow target. Cross bows are only allowed at the one designated target. The range is located in the River Pond Area. Special rules apply and consist of:
  • No broadheads allowed at the range.
  • Crossbows allowed only at the designated crossbow area.
  • Facility is open during daylight hours only
  • All arrows must be released from the firing line
  • Archers must shoot at the target which coincides with the correct yard range firing line.
  • No alcohol or drug usage allowed in the archery range.
  • Arrows cannot be released while anyone is down range
OK Kids Day at the Range (PDF 1.65 MB)

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