Forecast, Stocking, Reports & Attractor GPS'
Forecast, Stocking, Reports & Attractor GPS'

Want to know where the best place for fishing is today? Here are some helpful links that will help you make your fishing destination decision!

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Licenses & Fees
Licenses & Fees

Fishing Applications and Fees
Persons age 16 through 74, who have been bona fide residents of the state for 60 days immediately prior to buying a license, must have a resident license in possession while fishing in Kansas. All nonresidents 16 and older must have a valid nonresident license to fish in Kansas (unless fishing on a private pond not leased for public fishing). All licenses expire Dec. 31 each year, except five-day, lifetime, and 24-hour fishing licenses.

Special Fish Programs
Special Fish Programs

KDWPT offers different programs that are designed to improve your fishing experience.

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Fishing News
  • Additional Trout Stockings Expected In Coming Months
    PRATT – You know what they say, “It’s not over ‘til it’s over,” and the Kansas trout season is far from over. While trout stockings have been taking place since last October, several more stockings are scheduled this spring, providing anglers with months-worth of opportunities to catch rainbow trout before season’s end.Waters receiving trout fo ... Read More
  • 2018 Fishing Regulations Summary Now Available And Easier To Use
    PRATT – Know the name of the reservoir you want to fish, but can’t remember the daily creel limit for channel catfish? Having a hard time remembering the difference between a bluegill and a green sunfish? Thanks to improvements made to the 2018 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary – online now at and at license vendor locations soo ... Read More
  • 2018 Kansas Fish Consumption Advisories
    TOPEKA – The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism are issuing revised fish consumption advisories for 2018. The advisories identify types of fish or other aquatic animals that should be eaten in limited quantities or, in some cases, avoided altogether because of contaminatio ... Read More