State Parks

Twenty-six state parks, including the Prairie Spirit Rail Trail, invite you to explore Kansas outdoors. Whatever your interest — hiking, camping, wildlife watching, fishing, bike riding, horseback riding, hunting, or just plain relaxing, a Kansas state park has what you’re looking for. Most offer utility and primitive camping and access to lakes, trails and wildlife areas. A few are preserved natural areas, so you can enjoy unspoiled, wild Kansas. Many parks host events such as concerts, festivals, and competitions. If you’ve never stayed at a Kansas state park, use this guide to find the perfect getaway. If you haven’t visited recently, look again - there’s more than meets the eye!

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Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

9/5/15 - John Rodgers Chili Cookoff
Open air chili cookoff - Open to the public
(El Dorado State Park)

9/6/15 - Tye-Dye Shirt Project
Tye Dye
(Eisenhower State Park - Basketball Court)

9/6/15 - Ninnescah Sailing Association Labor Day Fireworks
Community Event - Fireworks
(Cheney State Park (Ninnescah Sailing Association))

9/6/15 - Logan Mize Concert - Music in the Park
Community Event
(El Dorado State Park - Walnut River Campground)

9/6/15 - Friends of Tuttle Creek State Park
Camper Bingo
(Tuttle Creek State Park, Man Kan Shelter)

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