Kansas Wildlife & Parks magazine is published bimonthly (six times per year) by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. If you have an interest in Kansas' natural resources and the outdoor recreation associated with those resources, Kansas Wildlife & Parks has something for you.

Each issue will include a timely mix of articles covering topics such as hunting, fishing, state parks/camping, and wildlife natural history. You'll read about wildlife and public land management programs, and the front section includes short articles that feature up-do-date issue and events.

The magazine's editorial creed is "to promote the conservation and wise use of our natural resources, to instill an understanding of our responsibilities to the land."

The magazine is a full-color publication and features the work of the best free-lance writers and photographers in the business.

A one-year subscription is $12

A two-year subscription $20

A three-year is $29

You may subscribe online or by calling toll-free (866) 672-2145.

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