Hunting News
  • Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission To Hold Public Meeting in Chanute
    PRATT – The Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KWPT) Commission invites the public to attend their next public meeting on Thursday, April 26, 2018 in Chanute. The meeting will be held in the Alliance Room (3rd floor) of Memorial Building, 101 S. Lincoln, Chanute. The afternoon session will begin at 1 p.m. and recess at 5 p.m., then the Commiss ... Read More
  • Leave Wildlife Where It Belongs, Wild
    PRATT – It’s human nature to want to “save” a wild animal that appears injured or abandoned. But aside from human health concerns and laws prohibiting possession of wildlife, the reality is the animal will have its best chance for survival if it’s left in the wild. Taking a young wild animal with the intention of “saving” it and keeping it as a ... Read More
  • iWIHA Offers High-Quality Turkey Hunting Opportunities
    PRATT – A place to hunt. Ninety-eight percent of Kansas is privately owned, so providing Kansas hunters with access to land for hunting is an important part the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s (KDWPT) mission. Because purchasing land for public access is both cost prohibitive and complicated, KDWPT has focused on leasing priv ... Read More