Canada geese nesting in Kansas

In some urban and suburban areas in Kansas, Canada goose populations have increased substantially during the past 20 years. Some of these geese remain in Kansas to nest and are called “resident Canada geese”. As resident Canada goose numbers have increased, public attitudes toward them have become more negative. However, the same number of geese in a community can be viewed dramatically differently by individual homeowners. At one extreme, some people want to get rid of every goose and others are very protective of “their” geese. These conflicts among the human population make management of resident Canada geese challenging.

Landowners and homeowners associations can use a variety of techniques to manage resident Canada geese. These include landscaping to make their property less attractive to Canada geese, hazing or harassing geese with a dog or lasers, and repellents.

In some situations destruction of nests and eggs may be warranted. Such actions require a permit from the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. For more information regarding Resident Canada goose managment, contact the appropriate KDWPT Regional Office for your area.


 Location  Name  Phone  e-mail
Northwest Kansas   (785) 628-8614  
Northeast Kansas   (785) 273-6740  
Southwest Kansas   (620) 227-8609  
South-Central Kansas   (316) 683-8069  
Southeast Kansas   (620) 431-0380  
Kansas City Andy Friesen (913) 422-1314
Wichita Charlie Cope (316) 683-8635 ext. 126
Statewide Tom Bidrowski 620-566-1456