This a collection of all the Southeast Waterfowl Reports.

TORONTO RESERVOIR - Last Updated: 2/1/2016

Waterfowl numbers Duck Season is now Closed.  Relatively few geese in the area.
Water level Reservoir is 0.6' above conservation pool.    Marsh at 54 hwy is full. 
Hunting conditions Reservoir is open.    Marsh at 54 hwy is open.     
Expected hunting success Poor - Fair. 
Comments Counts are done on a weekly basis and information will be posted immediately following counts. For other info. call 620-583-6783.

ELK CITY - Last Updated: 9/16/2016

Waterfowl numbers Estimated 700 teal in the area as of Wednesday September 14.  
Water level Reservoir has been relatively stable this summer and has decent shoreline vegetation.  Reservoir flooded up 7 feet the weekend of September 10.  The reservoir is now down to 1.5 ft high as of September 16.  Some marshes received runoff, but limited open water.  The Corps of Engineers is dumping water fast.
Hunting conditions Simmons Marsh has been undergoing bulldozer renovation work in August.  Work includes repair of south levee bank erosion and borrow fill, tree removal in SW and NE corners and drainage ditch clean out.  Widgeon Marsh had beaver damage repairs on Cub Pool.  No rainfall during middle summer.  Most portions planted to millet have survived and will provide open water areas.  Some excellent smartweed responses.  Spraying continues on undesirable plants before seed set. Some very thick cover in shallow water areas.
Expected hunting success fair
Comments For updated waterfowl numbers and weather conditions call (620) 331-6820. Individuals utilizing the wildlife area need to be aware of the refuge boundaries. Maps can be obtained at the Fisheries & Wildlife office (below the dam) or at the State Park (on the lake side).

FALL RIVER RESERVOIR - Last Updated: 2/1/2016

Waterfowl numbers Duck Season is now Closed.  No geese seen on the Reservoir today.   Good numbers of Geese using crop fields and ponds off of the Wildlife Area near Eureka. 
Water level 0.7' above conservation pool.   
Hunting conditions Reservoir is mostly open with ice in the upper end and shallower coves.  Ice should continue to dissipate if weather forecast remains accurate.   Fredonia Bay Boat Ramp is open. 
Expected hunting success Poor - Fair.
Comments Counts are conducted on a weekly basis and information is posted immediately following counts. For other questions call: 620-583-6783.

JOHN REDMOND - Last Updated: 9/19/2016

Waterfowl numbers 200-300 Blue Wing Teal
Water level Current Level: 1054.05   Conservation Pool Level: 1041.0
Hunting conditions  Lots of water.  Due to expansive water, birds are very scattered.  Some loafing on upper marsh below dam.  More scattered up Otter Creek and its tributaries.  Boat ramp on Otter Creek is currently unusable due to high water.   Expect hunting to be better when lake drops back down.  Excellent vegetation and habitat this year on lake and upper marsh below dam.  Expect a phenomenal waterfowl year, if water levels will cooperate.  Lower marsh will not be filled this season, as it needs a dry down and infrastructure project completion.  The large sedimentation basins located below damn are not open to public hunting and are under privately ownership, but should benefit all, as protected loafing areas that are out of the wind.
Expected hunting success Poor, but should be improving with lowering lake levels.
Comments For information on Flint Hills National Wildlife Area and the marshes on the upper end of the lake please contact FHNWR @ 620-392-5553.

MARAIS DES CYGNES - Last Updated: 9/19/2016

Waterfowl numbers Unknown--changing with weather fronts.
Mallard migration rank

MMR = 0.

0 = No Mallards, 1 = Very Few Mallards, 5 = Moderate Numbers, 10 = Peak

Water levels Good water for teal hunting.
Hunting/ Habitat conditions Good.  There will be construction on the water supply canal along Unit A-North during teal season (water control structure replacement). For general waterfowl habitat info go to MDCWA and click on the "News" icon.
Hunting success Hunting success has declined with warm, stable weather.  Weekend:  44 teal / 37 hunters = 1.2 success.  Season:  231 teal / 130 hunters = 1.8 success.

All hunters must check in daily using iSportsman electronic check-in from a PC, smartphone, or by phone before hunting and check out at the end of the hunt regardless of harvest.  Please remember to fill out the check-out report with accurate information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE MANAGEMENT OF THE AREA. FILL OUT ONLY YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARVEST EFFORTS, i.e., NOT A GROUP HARVEST TOTAL.  Go to:

Outboard motors are restricted on this wildlife area and are allowed in Unit G and in the boat lane only in Unit A-East. Outboards are not allowed in any other wetland units. Electric trolling motors are unrestricted. Boats must be operated at wakeless speed.  Boats must have sufficient PFDs for occupants.

Go to MDCWA and click the "News" icon near the top for more information on general waterfowl habitat.  Waterfowl report is updated only if there are significant changes in waterfowl numbers or hunting conditions.

MELVERN LAKE/WILDLIFE AREA - Last Updated: 9/23/2016

Waterfowl numbers Only about 60 Blue-winged teal observed on the area's marshes.
Water level Lake level = 1038; Conservation pool = 1036.
Hunting conditions No ice cover. 
Expected hunting success Poor

All hunters utilizing Melvern Wildlife Area are required to obtain a free daily hunt permit through the new electronic permit system. Hunters can register now to begin using the electronic system at    For more information (click here)Waterfowl hunters utilizing the main lake are only required to obtain a permit when hunting west of Hoch Rd.

Refuge Area is CLOSED Oct. 1st through Jan. 15th

NEOSHO WILDLIFE AREA - Last Updated: 9/9/2016

Waterfowl numbers Few Teal and Wood Ducks.
Mallard Migration Rank


0= No Mallards, 1= Very Few Mallards, 5= Moderate Numbers, 10= Peak

Water level

Poor.  There will be a little water available in Pool 2 (20Acres) for early teal. For water level conditions for upcoming season please see the area news by clicking link below and clicking on the "NEWS" icon.    

Hunting conditions Poor.  Please remember to identify your target prior to shooting due to lots of Wood Ducks utilizing same areas as Teal.    
Expected hunting success

Poor.  Please remember it is mandatory to utilize the isportsman check in-out online permit system when hunting the area. 



Statewide Early Teal Season September 10 - 25 

SE Zone Regular Duck Season November 12 - January 1 and January 7 - 29 

If the red check out sign is out at check station all hunters are required to stop.  Thanks

Neosho WA is transitioning to a new daily permit system called isportsman.  Hunters will need to register via PC prior to hunting at Neosho WA.  Hunters will be able to login via PC, smartphone, or call in from cell phone or landline phone each day prior to hunitng to get a daily permit, and report back similar to the paper daily permits.  Please visit to register prior to hunting season.


Waterfowl hunting in Pool 8 is restricted to youth hunters and their mentor on weekends and holidays.

For additional area news please visit the area website at:

POMONA RESERVOIR - Last Updated: 11/26/2014

Waterfowl numbers 1500 ducks, 
Water level Lake is 972.41 ft. conservation pool is 974
Hunting conditions fair
Expected hunting success Fair

The marshes on Pomona require run off for filling and are currently dry or holding very little water.