2014 Fall Hunting Atlas

Online Map Pic

Click the link above for a searchable web map showing the 2014 Fall WIHA properties. Click on individual tracts to display walk-in property information. Zoom to areas by city or county name with the search box and choose from various base map options.

ArcGIS App Pics

Use the free ArcGIS App to bring the WIHA tracts to your mobile device (data signal required). Once the app is installed on your device, search the Maps for "WIHA" and select the "2014 Kansas Fall Walk-In Hunting Access(WIHA)" map.

Garmin and GE Pics

Files and instructions for various location format options. Includes Garmin GPS, Google Earth/GE Mobile, and Point/Lat-Long .txt and .csv files. 

Traditional PDF Files of Printed Atlas Maps

Click on any of the map pages below to download individual pdf files.

Using the Hunting Atlas (PDF 783.95 kB)
2014 Fall Hunting Atlas (PDF 33.31 MB)
General WIHA Information (PDF 1.49 MB)

Other Hunting Locations

How to sign up your land for WIHA

On each map, all fall Walk-In Hunting Access areas and Public Lands, including state and federally owned property, are marked. See the legend for color codes used to identify properties. Not all state and federally owned properties are open for public hunting. Consult local area information prior to accessing any of these properties.

Access dates for fall WIHA properties begins either September 1 or November 1, and ends either January 31, March 31, or May 31. Public hunting access to the WIHA properties is limited to the specified access period for the property. Accessing the WIHA properties prior to or after the open access period is prohibited. The access period for each property is indicated in the atlas and included on the WIHA signs at the property.

Please use the locator map above to select the part of Kansas that you want to hunt. To download a specific map page, click on the specific number on the map above. A download box will appear, asking if you want to open or save the PDF with the map details. Make your selection and print the maps. The atlas map pages are at a scale of 1:277,500 and were compiled according to conventional cartographic standards using the most reliable information available.

WIHA property can be removed from the program at any time; in this case “No Longer Enrolled in WIHA” signs will be posted. Once these signs are posted, access is prohibited. For an up-to-date list of WIHA that is removed or added, see the WIHA added/removed link above.

For information on reading the maps and other information in the WIHA Atlas click on the General WIHA Information PDF above or print out the whole atlas by clicking on 2014 Fall Hunting Atlas.