KWEC Facilities

Exhibit Hall

culture display

The 2,000 sq. ft. exhibit area is dominated by a diorama depicting the history of Cheyenne Bottoms from 12,000 years ago to present day. Containing many interesting artifacts, including a bison mount, the exhibit fills the front wall of the gallery.

 Additional exhibits focus on the wetland community - defining a wetland and its importance, wetland animals and plants and bird migration. Life-size metal sculptures of local birds hang overhead, with identification keys located throughout the gallery.

 A rotating display area currently contains “Shorebirds of Cheyenne Bottoms,” exhibiting several specimens that frequent Cheyenne Bottoms


Seating 69 people, the auditorium is fitted with a projection and sound system and provides comfortable tiered seating. The auditorium is available for group rental.


Used for nature-based educational programming, the classroom houses several representative animal species from Cheyenne Bottoms that are on display and used for programs. The room is also fitted with a projection and sound system and is available for group rental.

 Gift Store

gift store

Packed with unique nature-themed artwork created by local artists, the store also offers kids’ science and nature kits, nature-themed T-shirts and other items and a large selection of books and field guides.