Marion Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl Numbers Approximately 185 Mallard, 200 Goldeneye, 1050 Gadwall, 300 Shoveler, 85 American Wigeon, and 100 Pintail are using the reservoir at this time. There are also close to 100 Canada geese, and 200 light geese.
Mallard Migration Rating Current Rating=2 The rank is subjective and is from (0= No Mallards, 1=Very few Mallards, 5=Moderate numbers, 10= Peak numbers).
Water level Lake level is currently 1348.90 (Conservation pool is 1350.50)
Hunting conditions Fair. Lake levels are just below conservation pool and the North end of the reservoir, French Creek cove, and all of the smaller coves have vegetation along the shoreline for cover. Since the reservoir has maintained high water levels since the summer of 2013, there was very little moist soil production this year to provide food for waterfowl. Approximately 50% of the reservoir is covered with ice at this time.
Expected hunting success Fair.
Comments Remember the Reservoir now has ZEBRA MUSSELS. Make sure to Clean, Drain and Dry your equipment. Clean all visible vegetation and mud from decoys, bags, waders, etc. Drain water from decoy bags and boats. Allow equipment to Dry for a five day period before using it at another area, OR wash with high-pressure hot water. Many of the roads around the reservoir can get very greasy after rain, or melting snow, please use good judgement about which roads you try to travel on.