Pottawatomie Lake No. 1 News

Lake New

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism has once again been awarded a grant from the National Wild Turkey Federation to conduct habitat work on the area. The work to be done on the area will help improve the existing habitat for Turkeys as well as other game and non-game species. Work will continue on removing unwanted cedar and non-mast producing trees as well as restoring a functioning firebreak around the property to aid in implementing a sound burning schedule. Look for summer burns on portions of the area as well as timber stand improvements!

The arrival of winter means it is time to dig out the ice fishing gear and head out to Pott. SFL #1. In past years anglers have done great on Crappie as well as Bluegill. It is hard to find a better meal than winter Crappie pulled through the ice! As always, be EXTREMELY cautious when fishing on ice. Make sure the ice is thick enough to support you can your gear and always tell someone when and where you will be ice fishing. Be safe and have fun!