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Lovewell Wildlife Area has 2,215 acres of public hunting area available around the reservoir. Lovewell Dam impounds approximately 3,000 surface acres of water and is situated on White Rock Creek. Lovewell is an irrigation reservoir with seasonally changing water levels. Expect lower water levels in the late summer through winter months but the reservoir is refilled annually by diverting water from the Republican River at Guide Rock, Nebraska into a canal that empties into the northeast corner of the reservoir. This area is small and receives heavy hunting and fishing pressure.

Species managed for include deer, turkey, waterfowl and upland game like pheasant, quail, rabbit and squirrel. Management will focus on increasing the quality of the experience for visitors by managing wildlife and habitats with an ecological based approach as the primary goal. The limited public lands in Kansas require intensive wildlife management and some special restrictions will be used to provide quality hunting and fishing areas.

2446 250 Rd
Webber,KS    66970
Area News - Updated: 08/31/2015

Lovewell Reservoir & Wildlife Area News

  • Lovewell and Jamestown Wildlife Areas-  Daily Hunt Permits now available through an Electronic Check-in/out system. THE IRON RANGERS HAVE BEEN REMOVED. The only place to obtain the paper Hunter Survey Cards are at the Lovewell Office at the entrance to Lovewell State Park at 2446 250 Rd or at the Jamestown Wildlife Area Headquarters at 299 Marsh Trail.

In order to obtain the necessary hunter information a free daily hunt permit is still being required of hunters using these two wildlife areas. For several years, hunters have been required to fill out daily hunting permits if hunting on the property.  Historically, this was accomplished through the use of paper permits that could be picked up at designated areas, free of charge, at any of the "iron rangers". The iron rangers have been removed, (see above for the location of the remaining iron rangers). Hunters are encouraged to register your hunting activity electronically through a system called iSportsman. Please register prior to arriving on the property as mobile phone and internet service is sketchy.


In the coming years KDWPT will use the new daily permit system in the form of iSportsman at many properties across the state.  iSportsman is an electronic registration/ data collection tool that will make data collection much easier for staff and allow for real time data analysis and stats throughout the season.  What does this mean for hunters?  Initially, users will need to register with their personal information to set up an account in the iSportsman program.  Once this is completed, the system will allow hunter to call in from any phone or log in from any PC or smart phone and "check-in" to hunt the property for the day.  Once the hunt is over, hunters will call back in and report harvest, etc., similar to returning paper daily permits upon the completion of their hunt.  For this hunting season, the daily paper permit system will still be in place ONLY AT THE LOVEWELL OFFICE AND THE JAMESTOWN OFFICE until hunters have become aware of the iSportsman process.  The area will then go strictly to the electronic system. HUNTERS NEED TO ACCESS THE SITE NOW TO REGISTER.  Go to to register, then scroll down the left side of the page to the blue "register" button and then provide the required information.  

Once registered, hunters will be able to call or log onto the system and get their hunting permit prior to the September 1 dove opener.  Hunters will also be able to visit the Lovewell page to get the latest on waterfowl numbers, water levels and any other news.  More detailed log-in information will be posted on the Jamestown and Lovewell web page and waterfowl reports as we approach Dove and Teal seasons.

iF YOU STILL NEED TO USE THE PAPER PERMITS, they will still be available at strategic locations around each property where permits can be obtained prior to hunting and dropped off with needed information after hunting. At these survey station locations, which are depicted in agency brochures and area websites linked to, a self user survey station has been placed to dispense permits and provide for collection.  As in the past, prior to the day’s hunt, hunters will need to pick up a permit, fill out the top portion and place it in the designated box, and carry the bottom portion of the permit with them while on the area hunting. When the hunt is finished, the bottom portion of the permit needs to be returned to the survey station with completed information on the day’s hunt. Hunter participation and cooperation is critical to the success of this study.

While this survey system is new to these properties, it has been used successfully for nearly a decade at other select public hunting areas in Kansas to provide better management information. Persons wanting additional information or questions should contact the Hays Regional Office at 785-628-8614 or the specific area they plan to hunt. Lovewell (785) 753-4971. Jamestown (785) 439-6243.

Habitats are again in excellent condition with near record May and June rainfall followed by a dry July but rescued by timely August rainfall amounts. June observations again recorded many multiple-birth whitetail fawns but turkey and other upland birds are still low with the exception of bobwhite quail. While brood observations have been scarce there is just a lot of vegetation possibly concealing sightings. Mornings are filled with bobwhite whistlings. 

Green cover crops have again been seeded into harvested,standing, winter wheat stubble fields scattered throughout the area to provide green browse for this fall and early spring in addition to the later seeded winter wheat. Soybean fields will be harvested and reseeded to winter wheat to provide cover and green browse for wildlife.

The reservoir mudflats were NOT aerially seeded with Japanese millet DUE TO HIGH RESERVOIR LEVELS. tHERE IS NOT MUCH MOIST-SOIL FOOD ON THE RESERVOIR MUDFLATS.

Reservoir levels are higher than normal this fall due to rainfall and management decisions by the Kansas Bostwick Irrigation District and the Bureau of Reclamation,


General Information
2446 250 Rd
Webber, KS    66970
Office Hours:
M-F 8AM - 4:30PM

Area Manager: Rob Unruh
Phone: (785)-753-4971

Daily Hunt Permits Required of ALL HUNTERS on Lovewell Wildlife Area - See story (click Area News button above)

A Google Earth Map is now available of the entire area.


Special Regulations
  • Special Hunts and Refuge Areas are in effect October 1 - March 1.
  • The iSportsman electronic Hunter Survey System is in effect and is required of all hunters on the area. Follow this link to get registered
  • Camping is only allowed in designated areas as a companion activity to hunting and fishing.
  • Horses are restricted to maintained roads and are not allowed off roads.
  • ATV/UTV's are prohibited anywhere on the area.
  • A permit to access a designated ADA vehicle access area is available from the manager to persons meeting the requirements.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


The 4,625 acre Lovewell Wildlife Area was made available to the Kansas Forestry Fish and Game Commission under terms of a lease agreement with the Department of Interior in 1959 after the completion in 1957 of Lovewell Reservoir, a 3,000 acre flood control and irrigation reservoir.  In 1972, 200 acres were purchased by the Kansas Fish and Game Commission and is owned by the state of Kansas. Lands previously managed by the Kansas Park Authority that were transferred to KFG now bring the total area leased from the Bureau of Reclamation under wildlife management to 5,215 acres.

Lovewell Facilities
Dam Overlook, Outlet
  • Type of Facility: Parking
  • Location of Facility: 39.883701 -98.028359
  • Click for more information

    This area affords a scenic view from above the dam at the outlet structure. Stairways lead down to the outlet structure for fishing access.  A fish barrier erected in 2013 across the outlet on the lake side of the dam keeps fish from leaving the reservoir due to releases for pool management or irrigation releases, the major contributor to loss of fish from the reservoir. Please stay well away from this net by fishing on the upstream or west side of this net and avoid entangling fishing equipment or boats in the net.  May be closed seasonally as part of the refuge system Oct 1 - Mar. 1.

Oak Hill
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: 39.894353 -98.074166
  • Click for more information

    Boat access to the south side of the reservoir at water elevations above 1580(2.5 ft. below conservation pool). Designated, primitive campgrounds at Oak Hill, (open all year) and seasonal campground Blue Shale, (open May 1 - Sept. 1).

    Other Facilities located at Oak Hill are boat ramp, picnic table and metal fire rings at designated campsites, vault toilet, information center, and parking areas.

John's Creek
  • Type of Facility: Information Center
  • Location of Facility: 39.887948 -98.101985
  • Click for more information
    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>Access to the southwest shoreline of the reservoir.</paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    Access to the southwest shoreline of the reservoir.

White Rock Creek
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: 39.905462 -98.115361
  • Click for more information

    This is a boat access to the west end of the reservoir above water elevation 1580,(2.5 ft below conservation pool).

    Also available next to the boat ramp are primitive camping spots, picnic table, vault toilet, information center and a parking Area.

Montana Creek
  • Type of Facility: Parking
  • Location of Facility: 39.909385 -98.105366
  • Click for more information
    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>The access road borders the east side of Montana Creek. </paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    The access road borders the east side of Montana Creek.

Pawnee Point
  • Type of Facility: Parking
  • Location of Facility: 39.906907 -98.088333
  • Click for more information

    Shoreline access to the west end mud flats. A low water boat ramp is planned for this area in late 2007.

Two Mile
  • Type of Facility: Parking
  • Location of Facility: 39.907469 -98.080463
  • Click for more information

    This area is two miles east of Hwy. 14 and allows access to the old county road which used to cross the reservoir prior to construction. It is a popular fishing area for both boat and shoreline anglers.

Prairie Dog Creek
  • Type of Facility: Parking
  • Location of Facility: 39.911082 -98.070839
  • Click for more information
    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>This area allows access to the banks of Prairie Dog Creek. </paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    This area allows access to the banks of Prairie Dog Creek.

Inlet Canal
  • Type of Facility: Fishing Area
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: 39.906000 -98.022811
  • Click for more information
    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>This area is located where the inlet canal empties into the reservoir. There is a stairway and a gradually sloped area to access the shoreline bordering the canal on two sides.</paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    This area is located where the inlet canal empties into the reservoir. There is a stairway and a gradually sloped area to access the shoreline bordering the canal on two sides.

Lovewell Reservoir Waterfowl Report - 08/31/2016
Waterfowl numbers 85 ducks mostly woodducks and a few bluewing teal. 125 Canada geese.
Mallard Migration Ranking Mallard Migration ranking = 0
Water level Reservoir is at 1581.06 conservation pool (1582.8) or 1.54 ft. low. Inflows (50.2 cfs) to Lovewell from the Courtland Canal from are being matched with outflows(50.2 cfs) to the Kansas Bostwick Irrigation District for irrigation.
Hunting condition Water levels have been high all summer which has resulted in flooded aquatic vegetation surrounding the shorelines giving good concealment for hunters. Reservoir levels have been high all summer and the mudflats were not exposed for any length of time. No millet seeding occurred. Not much moist soil food on the reservoir.
Expected hunting success All waterfowl seasons closed until the opening of Early Teal season on September 10.

NEW REFUGE REGULATIONS:The LAND REFUGE CLOSED  TO HUNTING YEAR ROUND. CLOSED TO OTHER ACTIVITIES SEPTEMBER 1 THROUGH MARCH 31. WATER REFUGE IN EFFECT NOVEMBER 1 THROUGH APRIL 15 on the NORTHEAST half of the reservoir and Wildlife Area from 1/8th mile west of the south end of the dam and following a buoy line northwest to the western boundary of the Cabin Area. No hunting from the park shoreline.. INLET CANAL CLOSED TO FISHING SEPTEMBER 15 THROUGH APRIL 15. All boat ramps OPEN. In the State Park, (Cedar Point, the Marina and Cabin Area),PARK PERMIT REQUIRED.Boat Ramps in the Wildlife Area, (Pawnee Point, Oak Hill and White Rock Creek) do not require a permit. Camping cabins are available in Lovewell State Park. Make reservations HERE




FREE DAILY HUNT PERMITS REQUIRED FOR ALL HUNTING ON THE AREA. ELECTRONIC PERMITS NOW AVAILABLE. REGISTER AT THE i-SPORTSMAN LINK ON THE KDWPT WEBSITE. Lovewell Wildlife Area has been requiring all hunters to register with our paper card, Hunter Survey System and this is still required but a new system called i-Sportsman is now in effect that allows hunters to check-in and check-out electronically with a PC, smartphone, any mobile device and even a rotary dial phone. Hunters are encouraged to pre-register for an account on-line and must do so from a PC, establish a password and  PIN. This will really speed up the process over the card system. Follow this link to get registered. PAPER PERMITS AVAILABLE ONLY AT THE LOVEWELL STATE PARK INFORMATION CENTER IN FRONT OF OR DIRECTLY WEST OF THE LOVEWELL OFFICE. If using the card system, the top portion of the two-part permit must be filled out and returned to the survey station prior to hunting and the bottom portion kept with the hunter to record hunting activity. After the hunt the bottom portion is also returned to the survey station where the permits will be collected and information recorded to assist managers with improving the area. Please introduce youth and novice hunters to the outdoors. Pass it on!