McPherson Valley Wetlands

Area News

Dove Management - 2013:

UPDATE 8/30/13:

Approximately 75% of the dove management field has been mowed. Staff observed approximately 500 doves on the field (at about any given time of day) early in the week. This field is located on the northwest corner of Arrowhead and 11th, on the east side of the Little Sinkhole / Farland Lake unit southeast of Inman. Or 1 mile north of 11th and Arapaho. For more information, please call the area office at 620-241-7669. MPWL is a non-toxic shot only area which also applies to dove hunting. Hunters are also reminded that everyone must pick up a daily permit located at the parking lot on the northeast corner of the field prior to hunting. Please be safe.


Staff at the McPherson Valley Wetlands will be producing a newsletter that will include season results, upcoming projects, special opportunities, fall flights, and other information that hunters / users may need to know if planning to visit the area. The newsletter will be produced bi-annually, prior to hunting season (mid August to mid September) and following waterfowl season (mid March to mid April). This document will be distributed electronically, and if you are interested in getting on the mailing list Click here.

The newsletter is an attempt to get information to more of our constituents since attendance at our public informational meeting has been very low due to a variety of reasons.

Wildlife Violations:

In the past, area staff has (after the fact) been informed of regulation violations during the hunting season. Even though selective law enforcement by Public Lands and Law Enforcement division employees, is done routinely at the wetlands, we can't be everywhere all the time. If you witness a violation, please call the area office at (620)-241-7669 and leave a description of the violation including the vehicle tag number if possible.