Elk City Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers 1000-2000 ducks around the area.  Mallards, gadwall, widgeon, teal. 500 Snows.  A few canada geese around area ponds, but not much use on the reservoir.
Water level Reservoir near pool level. Widgeon Marsh has some water from this summer, but little surface open due to vegetation.
Hunting conditions Most marshes are still dry.  Good food available if weather provides water to fill the wetlands.  Caught late summer rains to irrigate and flood wetlands, but most of this water has evaporated.  The Chetopa/Quaker access road will be open for youth Nov. 6-8 and regular duck season Nov. 13 - Jan. 3 and Jan. 9-31.
Expected hunting success Fair.  Flight ducks last weekend provided good shooting.  Looking for another push over the Thanksgiving Holiday with inclement weather forecast.  
Comments For updated waterfowl numbers and weather conditions call (620) 331-6820. Individuals utilizing the wildlife area need to be aware of the refuge boundaries. Maps can be obtained at the Fisheries & Wildlife office (below the dam) or at the State Park (on the lake side).