Elk City Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Estimated 700 teal in the area as of Wednesday September 14.  
Water level Reservoir has been relatively stable this summer and has decent shoreline vegetation.  Reservoir flooded up 7 feet the weekend of September 10.  The reservoir is now down to 1.5 ft high as of September 16.  Some marshes received runoff, but limited open water.  The Corps of Engineers is dumping water fast.
Hunting conditions Simmons Marsh has been undergoing bulldozer renovation work in August.  Work includes repair of south levee bank erosion and borrow fill, tree removal in SW and NE corners and drainage ditch clean out.  Widgeon Marsh had beaver damage repairs on Cub Pool.  No rainfall during middle summer.  Most portions planted to millet have survived and will provide open water areas.  Some excellent smartweed responses.  Spraying continues on undesirable plants before seed set. Some very thick cover in shallow water areas.
Expected hunting success fair
Comments For updated waterfowl numbers and weather conditions call (620) 331-6820. Individuals utilizing the wildlife area need to be aware of the refuge boundaries. Maps can be obtained at the Fisheries & Wildlife office (below the dam) or at the State Park (on the lake side).