August 25
Sunflowers and unharvested wheat managed specifically for doves; youth get first shot
JAMESTOWN — Dove season opens Sept. 1, and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) managers at Jamestown Wildlife Area have planted food plots to attract doves at fields located along the north side of Vale Road between 30th and 40th roads, 1 ½ miles north of Jamestown.

During the opening four days of the season, Sept. 1-4, the area will be reserved for youth hunters 16 or younger and for novice hunters — persons who have not possessed a hunting license from any state in the last three years. The youth and novice hunters must be accompanied by anyone at least 18 years old, who may also hunt.

The fields will be open to all hunters on Monday, Sept. 5, and will remain open for the rest of the season. All hunters must fill out a free Daily Hunt Permit, available at the Vale Road Information Center or other centers around the area. Non-toxic shot must be used.

The fields have been planted with sunflowers and wheat and will have mature seed ready for dove season. The sunflower fields, planted specifically for dove management, are located along the north boundary of the wildlife area on the north side of Vale Road. The wheat fields are directly east and south of the sunflower fields. Managers began mowing strips in these fields in mid-August and will continue to mowing sections weekly through the first week of the season. Scouting prior to the season is encouraged.

Kansas has been working to recruit new hunters for several years, and this youth/novice dove area is one of those efforts. In addition, Kansas law allows persons 15 and younger to hunt without hunter education as long as they are directly supervised by an adult 18 or older. Kansas also allows anyone 16 years and older who has not passed a hunter education class to purchase a one-time “apprentice hunting license,” which allows them to hunt while accompanied by a licensed adult hunter age 18 or older. The apprentice license is good for the calendar year and cannot be purchased again. A hunter education class must then be completed before hunting again in Kansas.

Hunters who are required to have a hunting license are reminded to purchase a harvest information (HIP) stamp — required for hunting any migratory game birds — and plug shotguns, so they are capable of holding no more than three shells, another requirement for hunting migratory game birds.

It is illegal to hunt, trap or shoot on private property without permission. In addition, written permission is required if land is posted with “Written Permission Only” signs or has trees or fence posts painted purple. Hunting from maintained dirt roads requires permission of the landowner next to the side of the road being hunted. Highway and railroad rights-of-way may not be hunted.

For more information on the Jamestown dove hunting areas, phone 785-439-6243.