Kansas State Wildlife Action Plan



Kansas' State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP), previously known as the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Plan, provides a comprehensive vision for  managing Kansas' fish, wildlife, and wildlife habitats. A coalition of more than 3,000 conservation organizations known as, Teaming with Wildlife, worked to keep species from becoming endangered by increasing state and federal funding for wildlife conservation.

State wildlife grants (SWG) are funds that can be used for all wildlife, and enables KDWPT to fund necessary studies and projects, to keep rare species from becoming endangered, and to keep common species from declining. As a requirement to be eligible for SWG funds, Congress charged each state and territory with developing an approved Wildlife Plan.

The Wildlife Plans were developed by the States to be dynamic, adaptive documents that would guide agency and partner conservation planning for years to come. Each State committed to reviewing or, if necessary, revising their Plan within 10 years as per Element 6 of the original legislation. The plan's revision considers many of the changes that Kansas and its wildlife have experiences since the original plan was created. It is important to note that the SWAP is not just a conservation plan for KDWPT, but a wildlife conservation plan for the state of Kansas. Collaboration with other agencies, organization, stakeholders, experts, and interested parties has been requested and is welcome throughout the revision process. Public participation is also valuable and will play an important role in reviewing the plan.

2015 SWAP Draft is Available for Review

The public review period for the 2015 SWAP draft is from January 13, 2106 to March 11, 2016.

Chapter 2 - Methods (PDF 2.16 MB)
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