Kansas Quail Initiative

Southeast Quail Initiative

The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism is launching a new quail restoration initiative aimed at making a difference in declining bobwhite quail populations at a landscape level.

The state initiative includes the designation of two large quail management focus areas and up to a half-million dollars of KDWPT funds over five years to sweeten the pot for landowner participation. Additional funding and support are being provided by The National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Quail Forever, Safari Club International, Kansas Wildlife Federation, and The Nature Conservancy. Primary objectives are a 50% increase in bobwhite populations and a 5% increase in suitable quail habitat in each focus area.

Bobwhite populations in eastern Kansas have declined by 50% or more, says Jim Pitman, small game coordinator for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks & Tourism (KDWPT), and even more across other parts of its range nationally. Biologists have associated the declines primarily with land use changes and resultant habitat loss, and have joined forces across the nation as the National Bobwhite Technical Committee to counter the trend at a landscape scale with the habitat-based National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative (NBCI).

Kansas Quail Initiative (PDF 4.98 MB)