Aquatic Education Program

Fishing Clinic

Most fishing clinics are hosted by partners and Certified Angler Instructors and are geared towards those with little or no experience. Content covered in a clinic varies by presenter and audiences, but all have fishing as a central theme. Fish identification, management, casting demonstrations, equipment, water safety, and even fish cooking are a few areas covered. 

Participants don't even need their own equipment. KDWP can provide rods, reels, and other necessary fishing equipment when available.

The Aquatic Education Program, FishKS, has a program similar to Hunter Education where volunteers can become Certified Angler Instructors. These instructors coordinate and assist with fishing events statewide. To become a Certified Angler Instructor, you must attend a 4-5 hour class (Free) and complete supervised instruction. KDWP recognizes certification courses and programs from other organizations, such as Boy Scouts of America. If you are certified through one of these, please contact David Breth at 316-683-8069 to learn how to join FishKS!

KDWP does not provide on-demand events. Please visit the Aquatic Education Calendar to find events scheduled in your area.  If you would like more information on FishKS or fishing clinics in your area, contact David Breth at 316-683-8069 or your nearest KDWP office.

Free Fishing Weekend Events

For 2024, Free Fishing Weekend is June 1 and 2. This means anglers do not need a state fishing license to fish public waters, but all other privileges, regulations, and harvest restrictions are in effect. Below is a list of events hosted by KDWP, Fishing's Future, Kansas Wildscape Foundation, partners, and/or communities across Kansas on these days. This will be updated as events are added. Visit the Outdoor Event Calendar on the main page or the Aquatic Education Calendar on this page for more events and details.

Walk With Wildlife at Great Plains Nature Center in Wichita

Cops and Bobbers at Pomona State Park 

Kids Fishing Clinic at Crawford State Park

Spring Hill Annual Fishing Derby

Mound City Lake

Madison City Lake

Youth Tournament at Glen Elder State Park

Yates Center Kid's Pond

Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge

Cops and Bobbers at Larned City Pond

Milford Gather Pond (Milford Nature Center)

Pleasanton West (Stegge) Lake

Event Request Form

If you are hosting a fishing education event, or wanting to include fishing education as part of your event, use the links below.  The first option is to print a PDF form and email to   

The second link is an online submission form you can fill out and submit.

Helpful Resources to get started Fishing
Beginner Fishing Brochure (PDF - 3.95 MB)

Interested in fishing? Download this brochure to help you get started with information on what you need to start fishing, including what equipment and tackle you need, how to get a license, where to go, and more!

Certified Angler Instructor Program

In order to offer quality fishing education and meet the demand of the public, KDWP created a Certified Angler Instructor program similar to the highly successful Hunter Education program. Volunteers who attend a FREE certification class and pass a background check are able to use KDWP resources to conduct fishing education events including clinics, derbies, and school programs. Classes are offered by request and are limited to 25 participants. This 4 to 5 hour class is designed to teach those that are familiar with fishing, how to teach others about the sport using both hands-on activities and literature. This is not for those new to fishing and wanting to learn how to fish. For more information regarding this instructor program, please contact David Breth at 620-672-5911.  

Current certified instructors can find forms and information using the links below.

Volunteer Activity Form for 2024 Events (PDF - 174.68 kB)

Instructors and Volunteers - please use this form to record volunteer hours at FishKS events.  Please verify printed names are legible and signatures are present when event concludes.  Only ONE DATE per form.  If event spans multiple days, please use a new form for each day.  This is the only way we can receive in-kind match for the grant.  Submit to David Breth via email, mail, fax, or text.

Supply Request Form (PDF - 138.04 kB)

Instructors - please use this form when requesting supplies for either a specific event OR for supplies needed in general. If for a specific event, please list the name of the event, location, date.   Submit this form to David Breth via email, mail, text, or fax.  Please note, not all items may be available when requested.

Aquatic Education Calendar


Fishing With Firefighters

Location: Ottawa, KS

Type: Aquatic Education

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024

Time: 9:00 am

Other Information:

Second annual Fishing with Firefighters at Orlis Cox Sports Complex in Ottawa (901 W 2nd Street). Fishing's Future will be there to help.

If you are a FishKS Certified Angler Instructor and want to volunteer for this event, please contact Sherri Withers at

Vamos A Pescar

Location: Olathe Cedar Lake

Type: Aquatic Education

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2024

Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Other Information:

Free fishing event for families of all ages and backgrounds, with an emphasis on reaching Hispanic communities! To sign up, please or visit the event page on Eventbrite by searching "Vamos A Pescar" in Olathe KS or by copying the following url into your browser =


Sunflower State Games

Location: Topeka, KS

Type: Aquatic Education

Date: Saturday, July 20, 2024

Time: 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Other Information:

If you want to participate in the fishing derby, please visit to register and more information.

If you are a FishKS Certified Angler Instructor and want to volunteer, please contact Sherri Withers (Fishing's Future) at