Master Angler Award Program

If you catch a fish, by any legal means, that is at least as large as the lengths shown below, you are entitled to a Master Angler Award. Measurements are in inches.

 A close-up photograph of each fish submitted for an award should accompany this application to allow positive identification. In case of doubt, contact a local Wildlife and Parks employee. Send application and photo to Education and Public Affairs, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks, 512 SE 25th Ave., Pratt, KS 67124.

Species Inches Species Inches
Bass, Largemouth 23 Gar 48
Bass, Smallmouth 18 Goldeye 15
Bass, Spotted (Kentucky) 18 Paddlefish 41
Bass, Striped 35 Perch, Yellow (Ring) 12
Bass, Warmouth 10 Pike, Northern 34
Bass, White 16 Sauger 20
Bluegill 10 Saugeye 24
Buffalo, Bigmouth 30 Sturgeon, Shovelnose 25
Buffalo, Smallmouth 30 Sunfish, Green 11
Carp 30 Sunfish, Hybrid (green/bluegill) 12
Catfish, Blue 37 Sunfish, Redear 11
Catfish, Bullhead 15 Trout 20
Catfish, Channel 33 Walleye 27
Catfish, Flathead 41 White Amur (Grass Carp) 34
Drum 25 Wiper 25
Crappie (black and white) 15 Yellow Bass 11
Eel, American 30