Operation Game Thief

Operation Game Thief is a Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks program which allows citizens to turn in poachers. You can call us toll-free within Kansas at 1-877-426-3843. You can also contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. You do not have to reveal your name or testify in court.

Natural Resource Officer Phone Numbers By County

Why Call In?

Deer Taken by one Poacher

Deer Taken by one Poacher

There are never enough Natural Resource Officers to cover the entire state of Kansas all day every day-- so, wildlife needs your eyes and ears to report known or suspected violations. Poaching is a serious and costly crime. Every time a poacher illegally takes wildlife, they take something from each of us. Legitimate sportsmen lose the chance of legally harvesting those game and fish. Landowners, businesses and taxpayers lose revenues generated by hunting and fishing. All of us lose part of a valuable natural resource -- our wildlife. Poaching takes a terrible toll on wildlife populations and steals from every law-abiding hunter and the general public who just enjoys watching wildlife.

Is Poaching Really A Problem in Kansas?
No one knows exactly how much wildlife is taken by poachers, but some studies estimate poachers may kill almost as many animals and fish as legal hunters take during legal seasons. Poachers don’t take only game animals, they kill threatened, endangered and non-game wildlife species as well. Even if the loss to poachers is half the number in the estimates, the problem is serious

Who are the Poachers?
As our nation becomes more urban and less rural, society's connection with the land continues to decrease and the connection between society and conservation also decreases. More and more members of society are viewing outdoor activities as a competition to collect the biggest, the best, or the most wildlife. Poachers are not poor people trying to feed their families. Putting food on the table is one of the least common motives for poaching. Poachers are more likely to kill for profit, for the thrill of killing, or to rebel against wildlife laws. Poachers find a ready market in the US and around the world with collectors who are willing to pay outrageous sums for trophies and rare wildlife. Greedy trophy and commercial poachers think that game laws only matter if they get caught. They kill with no regard for the wildlife or anyone but themselves. Poachers are criminals and should be dealt with as criminals.