Special Hunts Information

Application Deadlines

- Draw #2: Hunts Beginning in November, December, January, or February will be 9:00am, Monday, Sept. 28, 2020. Drawings will begin immediately after application deadline.

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- To apply for Youth Hunts with maximum age requirements, you must apply with the youth's name and date of birth.

- Draw #1: Hunts Beginning in September or October was 9:00am, Monday, Aug. 10, 2020. All notifications have been sent.

E-mail notifications will be sent to "successful" and "unsuccessful" applicants WITHIN A FEW DAYS of the drawing. Make sure you have a VALID e-mail address on file.

- If you did not get an email, Be sure to check your Spam folder and computer security settings.

- If you did not get an email, please send your application confirmation and any other information to specialhunts@ksoutdoors.com.

- There are 419 Total Hunts Offered for the 2020 Fall/Winter Season

- There are 729 Total Permits Available (some hunts offer more than 1 permit)

- The hunts will occur on 21 Wildlife Areas, 6 State Parks, 4 State Fishing Lakes, 4 Private Lands, 3 County owned properties, 1 National Wildlife Refuge, and 1 Corps of Engineers Lake. Special Hunts occur on areas not open to unlimited hunting.

- There are 177 Deer, 35 WT Antlerless, 106 Duck/Goose, 86 Upland, 9 Dove, 4 Turkey and 2 Furbearer hunts offered this year. A spreadsheet of all hunts by Species, Hunt Type, & Weapon can be seen HERE  

- Special deer hunts DO NOT include permits or tags; Special hunts only provide access to properties. All necessary licenses, stamps and permits must be obtained by the successful applicant. NON-RESIDENTS must have drawn a deer permit to be eligible for special deer hunts (check the deer management unit on your permit to match the special hunt)

Instructions and Information for 2020 Fall/Winter Special Hunts can be seen HERE

Statistics from the 2019 Fall/Winter Drawings can be seen HERE

LEFTOVER HUNTS ARE NOW POSTED. Leftovers are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis and are subject to change due to cancellations.


To request a leftover hunt, please email the Hunt #, Your Name, Complete Address, Phone Number, Email, and Date of Birth to specialhunts@ksoutdoors.com

NEW!  - Monday, Aug. 10, 2020

REMOVED - 4 Open Upland Hunts at Sandhills State Park were removed from hunt list.  These weekend hunts have been awarded to a Non-Profit Organization for Youth/Mentor Hunts to recruit new hunters.

Instructions to Apply for a Special Hunt

Before beginning the application process, please read the following file explaining age restrictions, hunt type definitions and the application process.

You can view application instructions and information for 2020 Fall/Winter Hunts HERE

You can view a list of the hunts by clicking on the "View Special Hunts List" button above.

Here you will either Login to an existing account or create a new account. (Save this account information, it will be used for deer check-in, turkey check-in, future special hunts applications, etc.)

Once you are logged in you will fill out the following information. The information is required to continue the process.

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Address
  4. City, State, Zip Code
  5. Phone Number
  6. Email - this is for draw notification, if you are selected for a hunt you will receive an email with a link to print off your permit. If you are not selected you will also receive an email
  7. Date of Birth - This needs to be the Date of Birth for the individual going on the hunt. Youth hunts are only for hunters sixteen years old or younger at the time of the hunt.

Once you have filled out the information you must check the "Acknowledgment" box to verify that the information is correct.

Once this box is checked, the "Select your choices" section(s) will appear. You are given three choices for each species that have hunts available during that season. During the first fall application period you can sign up for both September - October hunts as well as November - December hunts.

To select a choice for a species click on the corresponding button "Select * Hunt Choice". * being the choice, 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

This brings up the hunts list corresponding to the species and the season you are selecting. You can either click the corresponding "Select Hunt" button on a hunt from the list, or if you already know your hunt code, you can enter it in the Hunt Code box and click "Select Hunt".

This returns you to the application and replaces the button you clicked with the hunt you selected. You will also see a checkbox located next to the hunt, labeled "Any Date". If you check this box it allows you to be in the drawing for any hunt for that location and hunt type, not just the date you selected. Giving you more of an opportunity to draw a hunt.

Once you have selected all your hunts click "Select Hunts".

NEW! To review or edit your current application, use the "My Information" link found on the upper right corner after login.

If you wish to revise your application or change your password:
  • Click on "Special Hunts Application" or "View Special Hunts List"
  • Use your username and password to log in
  • A new page will open; Select "My Information" in the upper right-hand corner
  • Make any necessary changes to your special hunt selections or password

- Please do not call for results. Send an e-mail to specialhunts@ksoutdoors.com


Special hunts are part of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism's "Recruitment, Retention and Re-Activation (R3)" efforts. These hunts are conducted on lands not normally open to un-restricted hunting and include department lands, including state parks, wildlife areas, and refuges. The hunts also occur on Walk-in Hunting Access areas (WIHA), national wildlife refuges, city and county properties, and other locations. These hunts limit the number of participants to ensure a quality experience or to achieve specific management goals, such as herd reduction.

Special hunts only provide access to properties; Licenses, permits, tags, stamps, and Hunter Education are required, unless exempt. 

- For more information, e-mail staff at: specialhunts@ksoutdoors.com.

Results of Fall '19/Winter '20 Special Hunts

-There were 384 Special Hunts offered with 689 total permits (some hunts offer more than 1 permit).

-Hunts were located on 19 wildlife areas, 6 state parks, 4 private county lands, 4 state fishing lakes, 4 city and county parks, 1 national wildlife refuge and 1 Corps of Engineers reservoir.

-There were 164 Deer Hunts, 120 Waterfowl, 32 Whitetail Antlerless, 54 Upland, 6 Dove, 4 Fall Turkey and 3 Furbearer.

-There were 1,011 applications for 106 hunts with 278 hunt permits in the 1st Drawing. 

-1,047 Hunters from 26 States submitted 1,709 Applications.  278 Hunts with 414 Permits Available 

Some hunts on private county lands are now in the iWIHA program:


GOWA Turkey Image

- There were 312 Applicants from 15 states.

- There were 35 Spring Turkey Hunts with 105 individual permits (some hunts have more than 1 permit).

- There were 6 Mentor, 9 Open and 20 Youth Hunts.

- Hunts were on 6 Wildlife Areas, 1 State Park, 1 National Wildlife Refuge, 1 Corps of Engineers Area, 1 Fish Hatchery and 3 County Properties.