Special Event Permits

Special events conducted on KDWPT managed lands and waters require special event permits if one of the following conditions exists:

  1. An entrance, admission, or participation fee is charged;
  2. Food, merchandise, or services are offered for sale;
  3. The exclusive use of a facility or a specified land or water area is required;
  4. An organized or advertised competition will be conducted;
  5. Sound will be amplified that may disrupt area users; or
  6. Temporary structures, other than blinds or common camping equipment, will be erected.

An event sponsored by KDWPT does not require a special event permit. Applications for special event permits are available at KDWPT offices. Each application for a special event permit shall be made to KDWPT not less than five weekdays before the event. The special event permit fee is negotiated based on event type, required services, and lost revenue; the maximum fee is $200. Payment must accompany each application.