Tournament Black Bass Pass

Bass Pass


All vessels used by participants in a weigh-in bass fishing tournament must have a working livewell that contains an electrolyte chemical-water solution, and the following procedures must be followed for weigh-in and release:
• One individual work crew support for each 10 anglers
• One weigh-in tank filled with an electrolyte - water chemical solution and fitted with recirculation and aeration accessories for every 25 anglers
• If the water at the tournament site is 75 degrees or cooler, the water in the weigh-in tank shall be maintained at the same temperature
• If the water temperature at the tournament site is warmer than 75F, weigh-in tank water shall be 5-10 degrees cooler but shall not exceed 85 degrees
• Not more than four anglers shall be in the weigh-in line at any time
• Weigh-in bags containing livewell water shall be reinforced, reusable, and capable of holding up to 15 pounds of live fish and 2 gallons of water
• The weigh-in site shall be located near the vessel mooring site and the release site, vehicle or vessel and under a portable awning, event tent or in the shade
Minimum requirements for releasing bass during a weigh-in fishing tournament include:
• Fish shall not be released directly into the water after being weighed
• If release tubes, vehicles or vessels are used, holding tanks shall contain a one-half percent noniodized salt solution
• If release tubes, vehicles or vessels are not used, fish must be dipped in a 3 percent noniodized solution the same temperature as the lake water for 10-15 seconds before being released
• The release site must have water at least 3 feet deep with good circulation and hard bottom Anglers participating in bass fishing tournaments from Sept. 1-June 15 and who possess a Tournament Black Bass Pass ($14.50) may keep five fish as part of their five-fish limit, to be released after the weigh-in, that
meet the statewide 15-inch minimum length limit but that are under a special length limit for the lake being fished. Tournament Black Bass Pass holders fishing in tournaments may also cull their catch after the daily creel has been reached, by releasing a small fish and replacing it with a larger one. The Tournament Black Bass Pass expires 365 days from date of purchase.