Wildlife Conservation

State Wildlife Action Plan

Wildlife and its habitats are an important component of quality of life for Kansans. KDWPT is tasked with managing, enhancing and protecting these natural resources.

Kansas State Wildlife Action Plan

Rare Species Sighting Form

All new documented occurrences of threatened and endangered species, species in need of conservation, or extremely rare species observed in a new location in Kansas can be recorded using the following form. This information should then be submitted to the endangered species coordinator at the address provided on the form.

Chickadee Checkoff
Chickadee Checkoff

The Chickadee Checkoff is a line appearing on the Kansas Individual Income Tax forms. Since1980, it has provided Kansans an opportunity to contribute to wildlife programs.

Chickadee Checkoff Information

Chickadee Checkoff Small Grants Program

Chickadee Checkoff Brochure