Kansas Monarch Conservation Plan

The Kansas Monarch Conservation Plan

The Kansas Monarch Conservation Plan is centered on a 20-year objective to conserve, enhance, establish and create pollinator habitat on private, public, and urban lands through non-regulatory, voluntary efforts and actions across the state. Kansas is a national stronghold for monarch conservation and is uniquely positioned to conserve and enhance large acreage and landscapes for monarch migratory and breeding habitat. The Kansas Monarch Conservation Plan serves as a guiding document to support ongoing efforts or new conservation actions, recognizing it will take a multi-sector approach to achieve the set goals. This plan is intended for use by any individual or entity planning, implementing or funding monarch conservation activities in Kansas.

KDWPT has collaborated with individuals from ranching and farming organization, conservation organizations, industry, agencies, academia, and tribal nations, representing 68 organizations, to set voluntary goals for the conservation of monarchs and other native pollinators. If monarch conservation is going to be maintained, enhanced, and created within and between state and federal boundaries, many players are needed. The conservation plan is a living document that will be updated as additional resources, research, or other relevant details are presented.

A copy of the Plan is provided below.

Any questions or comments regarding the Kansas Monarch Conservation Plan can be emailed to megan.rohweder@ks.gov