Beginning Dec. 15, 2017, hunters, anglers and state park visitors will have the option to “auto-renew” select 2018 licenses and permits when purchasing online at

365-Day License Information

Licenses and permits eligible for auto-renew include:


  • Resident Annual Combo (Hunt/Fish)
  • Nonresident Annual Combo (Hunt/Fish)
  • Senior Annual Combo (Hunt/Fish; age 65-74)
  • Resident 5-year Combo (Hunt/Fish)


  • Resident Annual Hunt
  • Nonresident Annual Hunt
  • Senior Annual Hunt (age 65-74)
  • Resident 5-year Hunt
  • Resident Annual Furharvester
  • Nonresident Annual Furharvester
  • State Waterfowl Permit
  • Greater Prairie Chicken Permit
  • Controlled Shooting Area


  • Resident Annual Fish
  • Nonresident Annual Fish
  • Senior Annual Fish (age 65-74)
  • Resident 5-year Fish
  • Trout Permit
  • Three-pole Permit
  • Tournament Black Bass Pass
  • Hand Fishing Permit
To Sign Up For Auto-Renew:
  1. Go to
  2. Click “Licenses & Permits” or “Licenses & Applications”
  3. Click “Sign In Now” and log into account using your KDWPT # or Driver’s License #
  4. Confirm account details and residency
  5. Select desired licenses and permits
  6. Click “Go To Cart”
  7. Click “Proceed to Checkout”
  8. Enter payment information
  9. Scroll down to “Auto Renewal” section, select eligible items for auto-renew enrollment by checking the auto-renew box next to the items
  10. Provide credit card to be used for auto-renew (if different than above)
  11. Click “Submit Payment”
  12. Click “Print All Licenses/Permits”


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to auto-renew my deer or turkey permit?

     Licenses that include a carcass tag are not eligible for auto-renew at this time.

When will my enrolled licenses and permits renew?

     Enrolled licenses and permits will automatically renew one year from the date of purchase, with the exception of five-year licenses (which expire and renew five years or 1,825 days from the date of purchase).

Can I sign up for auto-renew at Walmart or another license vendor?

     Not at this time. The auto-renew feature is currently only accessible through online purchases at

What is the fee for using auto-renew?

     There is no fee for auto-renew.

Is there a deadline to enroll?

     Eligible licenses and permits may be enrolled in auto-renew at any time by logging into your account on and selecting the auto-renew option.

What if I change my mind after enrolling?

     You may opt out of auto-renew at any time.

How will I know when my card is going to be charged?

     You will be notified via e-mail prior to any renewal purchases made on your card so that you may confirm your payment information and residency status.

Do I have to use a credit card for auto-renew?

     Both credit and debit cards may be used for auto-renew.

How will I receive my licenses/permits enrolled in auto-renew?

     After your annual purchase is made, you must log on to and print your licenses and permits. You will not be mailed a copy.