Statewide Creel & Length Limits

Bullfrog Season
Date: 07/01/2024 - 10/31/2024
Location: Statewide
  • Daily bag limit: 8
  • Possession limit: 24
Trout Season
Date: 12/01/2023 - 03/31/2024
Location: Statewide
Date: 06/15/2024 - 08/31/2024
Location: Posted Areas

Handfishing, for flathead catfish only, is legal from sunrise to sunset June 15 through August 31 at these locations:

The entire length of the Arkansas River in Kansas, all federal reservoirs from beyond 150 yards of the dam to the upper end of the federal property, and on the Kansas River from its origin downstream to its confluence with the Missouri River. 

A special permit ($27.50) is required in addition to a fishing license. Anyone handfishing may not use hooks, snorkeling or scuba gear, or any other manmade device OR possess any fishing gear except a stringer. Stringers may not be used until the fish are caught by hand and are at or above the surface of the water. No man-made object — such as a barrel, box, or bathtub — may be used to attract fish.

Paddlefish Snagging
Date: 03/15/2024 - 05/15/2024
Location: Posted Areas

Posted Areas Include

Inside city parks on the Neosho River in Chetopa and Burlington, Neosho River at Iola downstream from dam to city limits, Marais des Cygnes River below Osawatomie Dam downstream to posted boundary, Marais des Cygnes River from the upstream boundary of the Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area downstream to the Kansas-Missouri border, and the Browning Oxbow Lake of the Missouri River.

Paddlefish Snagging Regulation

Individual waters may have different length and creel limits than those listed below. Check individual listings on Pages 20-38.


Type of Fish Number of Fish Length of Fish
Channel catfish 10  
Blue catfish 5  
Walleye, sauger, saugeye (single species or in combination) 5 15 inches
Rainbow trout, brown trout (single species or in combination) 5  
Black basses (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, single species or in combination) 5 15 inches
Flathead catfish 5  
Northern pike 2 30 inches
Striped bass 5  
Wiper (white bass/striped bass hybrid) 5  
Crappie 50  
White bass, bullhead, bluegill and all other legal species No limit  
Paddlefish 2  

 The statewide 15-inch length limit on walleye, sauger and saugeye does not apply to in rivers, streams and tailwaters.