Kansas Outdoor AmeriCorps Action Team

The Kansas Outdoor AmeriCorps Action Team serves the State of Kansas by performing environmental service projects in state parks and local communities. Our program focus is in three areas; to assist emergency management agencies at disaster sites in response and restoration efforts; to restore, develop, and mitigate the loss of environmental resources within public managed lands and finally; to develop new partnerships in outdoor recreation and form outreach support groups through public presentations and education to schools, civic groups and local governments.

Team members will serve on a variety of service projects related to the environment, environmental education, outdoor facility development and renovations, recruiting and organizing volunteers and assisting other agencies with emergency disaster efforts. Members can serve in three different capacities: Full-time, part-time and minimum-time. Full-time members serve 1700 hours over 46 weeks, part-time members serve 900 hours over 44 weeks and minimum-time members serve 300 hours over 16 weeks. While serving members receive a bi-weekly living stipend and upon completion of their service hours, they are awarded a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. This education award can be used for payment of qualified student loans or for paying for current education expenses at a qualified (Title IV) school.


AmeriCorps in Action - Written by Cherie Riffey, KDWPT AmeriCorps Director

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