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Located on the Prairie Trail Scenic Byway northwest of Marquette about 5 miles north of Kanopolis Reservoir and State Park, 3 miles west of K-141 on Avenue K, a county road or south of K-140 from Caneiro on 25th Road

One of the 8 Wonders of Kansas Geography, Mushroom Rock is the smallest, but one of the most unique, state parks in Kansas. The park is only 5 acres but boasts some of the most unusual rock formations anywhere. The rocks served as meeting places and landmarks for Native Americans and early pioneers such as John C. Fremont and Kit Carson.

Resembling giant mushrooms rising above the horizon, the Dakota formations of Mushroom Rock State Park are the remains of beach sands and sediments of the Cretaceous Period, the interval of geologic time from about 144 to 66 million years ago. Sandstone and sedimentary rock is held together by natural cement. The concretions that make up Mushroom Rocks are cemented calcium carbonate. The largest rock measures 27 feet in diameter.

About six miles to the west, in the city of Kanopolis, are four remaining buildings of Fort Harker, an active U.S. Army outpost from November 1866 to October 1872. 

This area is managed by nearby Kanopolis State Park.

200 Horsethief Rd.
Marquette,KS    67464
Park News - Updated: 06/26/2013

Road construction is currently underway on 25th Road from Highway 140. Please use Highway 141 & Avenue K to access Mushroom Rock State Park.

Mushroom Rock is located just one mile south of Carneiro (1/4 mile east of 25th Road and Avenue K) in Ellsworth County. Mushroom Rock State Park is a satellite of Kanopolis State Park. No camping is allowed and no vehicle permits are required.

Mushroom Rock State Park was voted one of the 8 Wonders of Kansas by the Kansas Sampler Foundation in 2010! We are quite proud of this designation. It focuses on the geological and historic significance of this unusual area. Next time you're in the area, take time to visit. You'll be glad you did!

General Information
200 Horsethief Rd.
Marquette, KS    67464

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Park Office – (785) 546-2565

Regional Office – (316) 683-8069


This is a 5 acre park that was donated to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (Kansas Park and Resource Authority) by the Ellsworth County Historical Society, the property was dedicated on April 25, 1965.

Mushroom Rock Areas

Mushroom Rock Trails
Mushroom Rock State Park Trails South
  • Trail Season: Year-around
  • Length of Trail: 0.0900000035762787 mile(s)
  • Trail Activities: Walking
  • Location of Start: N38 43.551' W098 01.816'
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    This trail takes you across a bridge to the largest Mushroom rock on the property.

Mushroom Rock State Park Trails North
  • Trail Season: Year-around
  • Length of Trail: 0.109999999403954 mile(s)
  • Trail Activities: Walking
  • Location of Start: N38 43.561', W098 01.832'
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    This short trail takes you to several Mushroom formations, a noteable formation has been named "Pulpit Rock".

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