State Park Alerts

Cedar Bluff State Park is open! 

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Here is the YouTube link for our video introduction to our CampIt Ks app! 

There is also a HuntFish KS mobile app for both Android and Apple devices.

The Office is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Sunday at this time but please practice social distancing and please wear a mask for your own protection.  We do not answer the phone during lunch from 12 to 12:30.  



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6/8/2020: All facilities at Clinton State Park are open.

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7-20-2020: The entire park is open. The beach area is open, we are asking that everyone please be respectful of social distancing. We've been experiencing a busier season than normal. As such, we ask that park patrons please contact the office or go online to check availability or make a reservation before coming out to camp. We appreciate your patience during this time, and hope that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors safely.

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Celebrating Independence Day with Toronto Days - July 3-5, 2020.  The park will host the Woodson County/Toronto Booster Club Fireworks display July 4th at dusk in Toronto Point.  The state park reminds guests to please practice social distancing during this event.

All shower houses in Toronto Point Area and Blackjack Campground are open.

Vault toilets available in Mann's Cove, Blackjack, and Toronto Point.

Playgrounds are open, please practice social distancing.  

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All areas of the park are now open!

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June 26, 2020

The beach in Quarry Bay & playgrounds are now open, please practice social distancing using these facilities.

The Fredonia Bay and Quarry Bay bathhouses are open.

Vault toilets in Quarry Bay, South Rock Ridge and Casner Creek Areas are also available.  

Water is on to all campsites in Fredonia Bay and Casner Creek Campgrounds, the dump station is open.

For more information click, Fall River State Park

For current trail construction updates, visit Flint Hills Trail Project

For more information click, Flint Hills Trail State Park

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Green Recreational Trail is closed until further notice due to severe damage from the 2018 Labor Day flood

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August 5, 2020

ALL TRAILS at Kanopolis State Park are NOW OPEN.. PLEASE STAY ON THE MARKED TRAILS.  Again, please stay on marked trails - following false trails will cause damage and create more work and could cause trails to be CLOSED AGAIN. Some areas have had reroutes done, please follow the new reroutes - DON'T cut switchbacks! Enjoy and be safe.

The Kanopolis State Park is open. 

Park Office will be staffed 8AM-4PM, Sunday-Thursday, 8AM-7:30PM, Friday & Saturday, for phone calls and to assist with general park questions and help with purchasing permits. . Utilizing social distancing will be done as a drive through concept that we will exchange items through the front door or window to help keep everyone safe.

The South Shore / Langley Point Swimming Beach is open.

Rockin'K Benefit Rides announced: Winter Breeze - September 19-20 (will ride on Sept. 19 and again on Sept. 20 if there is interest). Please call 785-546-2565 to make your site reservations.

The Cottonwood campground, Eagle Point 1&2, Rockin'K 1&2, and select primitive spots are RESERVABLE this year.

Primitive spots: Buzzard Bay(Horsethief Area) - 033-034, Rockwall (Horsethief Area) - 045-053 and Little Bluestem (Langley Pt/South Shore area)- 001-005 are RESERVABLE this year.

The Cottonwood Showerhouse is open year-around.  

We have plenty of primitive camping available.  The Sandplum campground remains closed for repair.

The South Shore boat ramp and courtesy dock are open. The Buzzard Bay boat ramp is open but does not have a courtesy dock.

The South Shore fish cleaning station is open and all trailer dump stations are open. The Buzzard Bay fish cleaning station is closed.

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8-28-19: No flooding impacts.

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No alerts at this time.

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Update 9-17-20: Lovewell Reservoir has been cleared of all advisories for blue-green algae! 

The Lovewell State Park Office is open 8am to 4:30pm Monday thru Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday. You can also utilize the new CampItKS app, HuntFishKS app, and for online purchases.

The Lovewell Marina and Grill current hours are 7am to 2pm Monday - Thursday; 7am to 9pm on Friday/Saturday; and 7am to 7pm Sunday. See them for supplies, bait, and patio dining/carry-out food orders. 

As of 09-15-20, Lovewell Reservoir is 3.5 feet below conservation pool. 

With regard to the Governor's Executive Order for mask-wearing: since the Kansas State Parks environment already lends itself well to social distancing, the wearing of masks is still optional in all areas of Lovewell State Park. ALL VISITORS SHOULD CONTINUE TO OBSERVE 6 FT OF SOCIAL DISTANCING IN ALL AREAS OF THE PARK.

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We are closely monitoring the situation involving the COVID-19 virus.

UPDATED OPERATIONS INFORMATION 9/21/2020: THE OFFICE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! School has started and staff is limited, especially on the weekends. We ask for your patience as we try to help as many customers as possible. Please be patient and practice social distancing between yourself and other customers while waiting for assistance. We also ask that you limit the number of people you bring into the office with you. 

Halloween in the Park will continue AS SCHEDULED with some modifications. See our facebook page for more details on this event. 

Stay tuned to our Facebook page at for the most up to date information. You may also call the park office at (620) 873-2572.

For more information click, Meade State Park

Milford State Park is open and we are closely monitoring the situation involving the COVID-19 virus. 

Annual Vehicle permits, fishing licenses, and hunting licenses can be purchased at If you are wanting to make reservations for campsites and cabins, you can do so through our Campit KS app or at 

We ask that visitors wear a mask if coming in to the office building and practice social distancing as much as possible while enjoying our facilities. Maintain space between yourself and other park users and be aware of surfaces that are touched regularly (self-pay station, bathroom door handles, etc) and wash your hands or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching them.

Blue Green Algae Status 9-24-20: There is a WATCH advisory in effect in Zone A for blue green algae. Milford Lake Zones B and C are in a WARNING for blue green algae. (The State Park is in Zone A)

A WARNING status means harmful algae is EXPECTED OR PRESENT.

A WATCH status means harmful algae is POSSIBLE AND MAY BE PRESENT.

For more information on blue green algae, please visit

Update 9-25-2020 - The state park is open. The lake is 1.27 ft. above conservation pool.  

Open Facilities - Eagle Ridge, Hickory Hollow, Woodland Hills, Prairie View, Walnut Grove, Sunset Ridge, and Rusty Windmill campgrounds. All cabins. Vault toilets. Woodland Hills, Walnut Grove, and Prairie View shower houses. Eagle Ridge restroom. Marina fish cleaning station. All boat ramps. Prairie View campground is now reservable.

Closed Facilities - Cedar Point all facilities (closed for construction). South Boat Ramp fish cleaning station.  

For more information, contact Milford State Park at (785) 238-3014 or visit the park Facebook page at

For more information click, Milford State Park

No alerts at this time.

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Office will be closed these Dates:

Sept 28 2020

Oct 5 2020

Oct 15 2020

Oct 16 2020

Oct 23 2020

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  The  Park remains open daily vehicle permits and daily camping permits can be obtained at the self pay station (s).  Please Call 620-572-5911 or the Region 2 office 785-273-6740 if you need further assistance. 

We ask that all visitors still practice social distancing.  Maintain a safe space between yourself and others... Be aware of surfaces that are touched regularly, and remember they are only as clean or sanitized as the last person to use it.  Wash your hands with soap and water and use alcohol base sanitizer after touching these surfaces (bathroom door handles, self-pay station, etc.).

The beach is OPEN.  All vehicles that enter Perry State Park must have a vehicle permit. Beach Rules are posted please observe and obey all rules. No Kayaks, paddleboards, etc. are allowed in the beach area. Large Social groups are strongly discouraged.  We ask that all visitors practice social distancing.  Maintain a safe space between yourself and others.

The Park is open, and all fees still apply.   Unfortunately, to maintain a safe distance for our employees and customers Perry State Park Office is still closed to the Public.  Our office is too small to social distance effectively.  Park Office will be staffed 9AM-4Pm Monday-Friday for phone calls to assist with general questions and help with purchasing of permits and reservations over the phone only. If you come to the office Please do not come inside, please call from your car and we can assist you over the phone.  Most permits can be done online.  We encourage our patrons to utilize the self-pay kiosk for single day vehicle passes, $5.00 per vehicle/per day.  You must use exact cash at the KIOSK(s) at this time.  Please if you are wanting to pay for permits, campsites, etc. with cash we ask that you have the exact amount and preferably put the money in an envelope.

Wild Horse Equestrian:  You must have a horse on site to camp. The bath house is open but may be closed when there is no activity up at the campground.   When the weather changes and there is lots of precipitation "Do not ride on the muddy trails. If you leave tracks turn back" Please call the office if you have questions or concerns.  Hickory Acres Horse Trials are closed due to the damage from the flooding last year.  Please stay off Hickory Acres.  Please do not make new trails.  The most current trail maps are located on Let's Ride-- Perry Lake Facebook under files. Please to ensure that equestrian campers are camping in the Wild Horse Campground.  Please call the office for reservations 785-246-3449.  Online it may look like the campground is full, but we might have openings.  All reservations must be done by noon, the day before arrival.  After 12 pm if the site is still open it then becomes first come first serve for that specific night.

BOAT Registrations Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 3:30 pm ONLY

All Boats New Registrations, Renewals and Transfers can be done from our parking lot over the phone.  Call when you get to the parking lot----YOU must have all paperwork done ahead of time.  This means you will need a copy of your bill of sale to give us, copies cannot be done here.  If you bought the boat from a dealer you will need a bill of sale plus you must pay your sales tax FIRST and bring a COPIES of sales tax payment and you bill of sale.  We need this information for our files, and we cannot make copies.  Besides your copy of your bill of sale there is a form to fill out.  You can get this Form at our website


This form is under how to register your boat, and the open the + Registration and Renewal Forms.  Both new boats, out of state boats and transfers of boats with a KA number already will need to fill out the Application New Owner Registration Form --- "the Application for Certificate of Number Kansas Boating" .  It must be filled out completely. NO BOAT Registrations after 3:30 pm, or on the weekends. 

All OPEN campgrounds are available for reservations (except for Primitive Mulberry Grove and Catfish Alley) what this means is if you do not have a reservation, you may not be able to camp.... especially on the weekends.  Note: The USACE properties that are around Perry Lake, like Slough Creek, Rock Creek are not part of Perry State Park, we are different, with different fees and requiring vehicle permits to drive into the Park and around the campgrounds.  (USACE stands for “U.S. Army Corps of Engineers”) – a federal agency under the Department of Defense. KDWPT, the “Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism,” is a state agency. Though often adjoined, KDWPT state parks are separate from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) facilities.

We have 2 bath houses opened Lake View and Eagle Landing Bath Houses.  Please practice good hygiene and remember these facilities are cleaned regularly and again they are only as clean as the last person to use the facility

You can call the park office 785-246-3449 for questions. We are experiencing some technical issues with our phone lines and are receiving a very high volume of calls.  Please be patient and call back, leave a message if you get the answering machine, it is a long message but we will call you back .  Someone will return your call during the staffed office hours. Office hours are Monday through Friday 9- 4.  

We can assist you with for vehicle permits, fishing license from the PARKING LOT only during the staffed times. M-F 9AM TO 4PM.  For staff and customers to abide by social distancing --items will be exchanged in the parking lot to help keep everyone safe. 

What is closed:  Hobie Cove, Pelican Point, and Hideaway (all primitive areas) are closed due to debris and damage to the roads. 

What is available: Campgrounds available with electricity and water are Cottonwood Bridge, Eagle Landing, Lake View and Cougar Pass campgrounds. Wild Horse Equestrian campground has water and electricity for equestrian users only, and you must have a horse on site to camp. Dump stations are available with water.  Lake View, Eagle Landing, and Wild Horse bathhouses and the Lake View CXT are open for use.  Primitive Turkey Run is open and available to reserve, only one tent per site, Mulberry Grove and Catfish Alley are now open to camping and it is first come first serve, all tents must pay, as well as all vehicles need permits.

Hunting Season has started. Please use caution and wear brightly colored clothing (preferably ORANGE) when using all trials. Horse trails and bike trails also cross over into CORP of Engineers Land during hunting season there is hunting on many parts of their property.

Sept 14- Dec 31 Archery Special Hunts will be conducted at the State Park Area Behind the office only.

Dec 2 - Dec 13 Youth Special Hunts will be in the areas behind the office, and across the road (237 Highway) to the south but not in the campgrounds.

For more information click, Perry State Park

Pomona State Park will remain open to provide recreational opportunities to our visitors during this difficult time.

For more information click, Pomona State Park


Camping is still in high demand!  If you are interested in camping, make plans in advance. Campsites with utilities, and mushroom shelters, are reservable. Primitive campsites that do not have utilities and are not a mushroom shelter are not reservable. Call 785-877-2953 to make reservations; if you call before noon, you can reserve for the next day. If you call after 12 noon, you can reserve for 2 days in the future.

If you have a cabin reservation or are hunting, please see the information at the top of this page. Go to ... scroll down and click on "Notice to Turkey Hunters". The Travel Quarantine List of states can be difficult to find. If you are coming from one of these states, you need to self-quarantine for 14 days, either in that state OR when you arrive. At last check, it is here: 

For more information click, Prairie Dog State Park

8-2-19: Various flood-damaged spots in Franklin County. Some spots closed. The trail suffered  flooding damage from the Franklin- Anderson County line, (Anderson County 2500 Rd), south approximately 2 miles to just south of Scipio Road, (Anderson County 2350 Rd).  The section is rideable on a mountain bike, however somewhat rough and some areas might require less experienced riders to walk the bike over. This section is just south of Richmond, after crossing under Highway 59.

For more information click, Prairie Spirit Trail State Park

Here is the YouTube link for our video introduction to our CampIt Ks app!

The park is open for camping year-round and reservations for this year's State Fair are available.  Call us @ 316-542-3664 for more information.

For more information click, Sand Hills State Park

04-09-20  - The State Park is open during Covid-19.  The state park office is closed to the public and playgrounds are closed until further notice.

For more information, contact Tuttle Creek State Park at (785) 539-7941 or visit the park Facebook page at

For more information click, Tuttle Creek State Park

Park office is open to the public.  At this time we are allowing only 3 customers in the office at a time.

Shower Houses and Fish Cleaning Station are all open for the season.

Pit Toilets are all open.

We are in a Blue-Green Algae Watch.

For more information click, Webster State Park

No alerts at this time.

For more information click, Wilson State Park