State Park Alerts

State park vehicle permits, annual camping permits and 14-day camping permits for the 2023 season will go on sale beginning December 13, 2022.

Campsite reservations for the 2023 season can be made beginning at noon on December 15, 2022.

  • MINIMUM STAY NOTICE: A four-night stay will be required for camping reservations during Memorial Day weekend, and three-night stays will be required for camping reservations during the Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends.
Update on park winterization process as of 10/31/22

The following campgrounds still have water turned ON to them:DespatchHoonii** ALL CAMPSITES are now FIRST-COME-FIRST SERVE until April 1st.The North Shower House will remain turned ON.The following campgrounds have been winterized:OverlandArapahoWagon RutPronghornPrickly PearThe following shower houses have been winterized:PronghornApacheButterfieldOverland

Fish Cleaning Station is closed for the season

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Here is the YouTube link for our video introduction to our CampIt Ks app! 

There is also a HuntFish KS mobile app for both Android and Apple devices. 


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Water is scheduled to be turned off on Monday 10/17. This includes day use facilities, bathrooms, non heated shower houses, the fish cleaning station, and campsites that are not equipped with a frost free hydrant. If you are using a frost free hydrant, it is your responsibility to turn that hydrant to the off position after use to ensure it does not freeze and break. 

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7-20-2020: The entire park is open. The beach area is open, we are asking that everyone please be respectful of social distancing. We've been experiencing a busier season than normal. As such, we ask that park patrons please contact the office or go online to check availability or make a reservation before coming out to camp. We appreciate your patience during this time, and hope that everyone can enjoy the great outdoors safely.

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The Quarry Bay Area water system is currently down for maintenance, it is unknown for how long.  Guests should plan to use the Fredonia Bay Area shower houses and water hydrants.

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Restrooms at Pomona, Miller, Admire, and Bushong trailhead are in the process of being installed. Please keep in mind that sidewalks and concrete approaches must be installed before the facility can be opened to the public, so they are NOT available for use at the moment. Please stay tuned for construction progress as well as dates for when the restrooms will be open. 

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GREEN RECREATIONAL TRAIL WILL BE TEMPORARILY CLOSED TO DRIVE-IN TRAFFIC DUE TO CONSTRUCTION.  Green Recreational Trail Winter Hours - the trail will be closing before dark during winter hours. Hours may vary at times.  

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Current Conditions

The lake is at conservation level 1464.85.  Water is back on at all camping sites with utilities.  The water at the dump stations has been turned on.  All shower houses are open.  

The Split Boulder trail and part of the Rockin'K trail has been closed for Eagle Nesting.  They will open back up in the summer.  In the Horsethief area, Gate 1 has been re-opened.  

  2022 Camping Season

Reservations for 2022 are open.  Reservations can be made at, the Campit-KS app, or by calling the office.  A two-night minimum stay on weekends is required with advanced reservations.  A four-night minimum stay is required on Memorial Day weekend.  Fourth of July and Labor Day weekends require a three-night minimum stay with advanced reservations.    

Check out our Facebook page Kanopolis State Park - Kansas Wildlife & Parks | Facebook for up-to-date information. 

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The Lovewell State Park Office is open 8am to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday; closed Saturday and Sunday. You can also utilize the new CampItKS app, and for online purchases. Friday November 25th is a Free Park Entrance Day. #OPTOUTSIDE


Cottonwood, Cedar Point and North Willow Utility Campgrounds and the Willow, Cottonwood, and Southwinds Shower/Restroom facilities are now closed for the season. South Willow Utility Campground is closed for the remainder of October, for waterline repairs. Lovewell Marina is closed for the season.

As of 11-22-22, Lovewell Reservoir is currently 5.5 ft below conservation pool and slowly rising. Boat Ramps are iced in. 

2023 Park Permits will be available to purchase beginning Tuesday, December 13th 2022. Campsite reservations for the 2023 season will launch on Thursday December 15th at 12 noon CST through,, or through the Lovewell State Park Office. Reservations are available for most utility campsites at Lovewell State Park, and also the Willow Primitive 24hour generator sites. Reservations for Lovewell State Park’s rustic and deluxe camping cabins are available 364 days in advance through the same websites, or through the state park office during regular business hours. 

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Updated 11/08/2022

!! TOTAL BURN BAN !! Meade County and Meade State Park have been placed in a total burn ban until further notice. No ground fires, fire pits (including propane fire pits) or open flames of any kind are allowed. Failure to comply with the burn ban will result in a notice to appear in district court. 

Personal charcoal grills, propane grills or wood pellet grills are allowed. Individuals can also use the provided upright grills with charcoal ONLY! 

RESERVATIONS FOR 2022 ARE NOW CLOSED!   All campsites are available on a first come, first serve basis from Nov. 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023. Water/electric will remain ON through the winter to the following camp loops: Cedar, Cottonwood and Sagebrush.

Reservations for the 2023 camping season (April 1 - Oct. 31) will go on sale December 15, 2022. 

Winter Facility Updates: Park office (8 a.m. to 4 p.m., M-F), North Bathroom/Showers (CLOSED), RV Dump Station (OPEN YEAR ROUND), West Vault (CLOSED), East Vault (OPEN), Lakeview Campground (Water/electric SHUT OFF, primitive camping only from Oct. 17 - March 31, 2023), Office Showers/Bathroom (OPEN 365/24/7). 

Potable Water: Cedar Campground Playground Area (near the dumpsters), and near the RV dump station

 Check our Facebook page at  for the most updated office hour information. Any recent office closures will be listed near the top of the park's news feed. 

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Update 11-21-2022 - The state park is open. The lake is 1.03 ft below conservation pool level. Please visit for blue-green algae bloom information.

Milford State Park is open year round, however, as temperatures drop below freezing, please insulate your hoses/hydrants! 

Fishing licenses, hunting licenses, and boat applications can be purchased at If you are wanting to make reservations for campsites and cabins (and get your annual vehicle permit), you can do so through our Campit KS app, at or at 

Open Facilities - Eagle Ridge, Hickory Hollow, Woodland Hills, Prairie View (electric only), Walnut Grove, and Sunset Ridge campgrounds. Seven cabins. Vault toilets. Woodland Hills shower house.  

Closed Facilities - Cedar Point campground & shower house (closed for construction). Walnut Grove and Prairie View shower houses. Eagle Ridge Restroom. Big Oak, Honey Locust, and Red Cedar Cabins. Splash Park. South Boat Ramp and Marina fish cleaning stations. 

For more information, contact Milford State Park at (785) 238-3014 or visit the park Facebook page at

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Tune in to our Facebook page for the most up to date information.


Dec 8 and 9th all Day

Dec 22 2022-Jan 2 2023 Holiday

The park is open, and winterization has been completed. 


• Eagle Landing, Lake View and Wild Horse Bath/Shower Houses. 11/1/2022
• Hobie Cove Bath house 10/21/2022
• Both Dump Stations (Entrance and Lake View) have no water, you may still dump, but there is no water to rinse. 11/1/2022
• Eagle Landing and Cottonwood the water is off to the water spigots. The electricity is still on. However, there is a frost-free spigot on/near the Lake View Boat Ramp, south end near the vault toilet that will remain open for water to fill up your tank. 11/1/2022
• Primitive areas Pelican Point (road is not usable) and Turkey Run (construction).

Cougar Pass and Lake View Campground do have frost free hydrants and will have water on throughout the winter, but you MUST DISCONNECT the HOSE from the HYDRANT after filling your tanks, so the lines do not Freeze.  At any time, PLEASE do not leave you hose hooked up to the hydrant.

Starting Nov 1 all available sites will be first come first serve.

Reservations for the 2023 camping season (April 1 - Oct. 31, 2023) will go on sale December 15, 2022, at 12:00 NOON.

HUNTING SEASONS ARE NOW STARTING----Remember Horse Trails and Bike Trails can cross over into CORP OF ENGINEERS LAND and there might be some walk-in hunting during the various hunting season on their property. Please use caution and wear brightly colored clothing (preferably ORANGE) when using all trails.2022 CAMPING SEASON

You must have a HORSE ON SITE TO CAMP AT WILD HORSE EQUISTRIAN CAMPGROUND. No reservations at this time. First come Frist Serve.  Please use the self-pay option when the office is closed.  Vehicle permits are required.  When the weather changes and there is lots of precipitation "Do not ride on the muddy trails. If you leave tracks turn back" Please call the office if you have questions or concerns. Please do not make new trails. The most current trail maps are located on Let's Ride-- Perry Lake Facebook under files. 
All Boats: New Registrations, Renewals and Transfers. PLEASE READ INSTRUSTIONS BELOW OR AT THIS SITE:
Your registrations can be done here at Perry State Park.  Monday - Friday 9:00 -3:30 Only. No boat registrations can be done on the weekend.

Kansas Requires a bill of sale. A copy of the appropriate bill of sale is on this website. YOU must have all paperwork done ahead of time. Copies cannot be done here.

• This means you will need to provide us a copy of your bill of sale. Please make a copy to keep for yourself.
• There is a form to fill out. You will need this form filled out. (This form is under -how to register your boat, "the Application for Certificate of Number Kansas Boating" open the + Registration and Renewal Forms. All new boats, out of state boats, and transfers of boats with a KA number already will need to fill out this form. It must be signed and filled out completely.)
If you bought the boat from a dealer in state or out of state, YOU MUST SETTLE YOUR SALES TAX with your County first, so you will need a copy of the sales tax receipt you receive from your county.
• You will need to provide A PRINTED picture of the HULL ID - if you can't print a picture, we can take an etching of the HULL ID Number that is associated with your vessel. (The Hull ID is located on the back of the transom, and it is 12 digits long)

COVID 19 and its variants can still be a concern we still ask that all visitors continue to practice social distancing and wear a mask, especially indoors and in large crowds.  Maintain a safe space between yourself and others... Be aware of surfaces that are touched regularly, and remember they are only as clean or sanitized as the last person to use it.  Wash your hands with soap and water and use alcohol base sanitizer after touching these surfaces (bathroom door handles, self-pay station, etc.).

For more information click, Perry State Park

Pomona State Park will remain open to provide recreational opportunities to our visitors during this difficult time.

For more information click, Pomona State Park


Water has been turned off to the entire park on 10-17. No water is available for anything that uses the water during the summer: the primitive cabins, campsites, fish cleaning station, dump stations, and shower houses. You cannot get water in the park until April, 2023. The modern cabins are the exception, they are on their own well, so water is on for those cabins year-round. Vault toilets are available year-round too.

Want to reserve a campsite for 2023?  You can do that at noon on December 15.  Also, 2023 annual vehicle permits, unconventional vehicle permits, annual camp permits, and 14-day camp permits can be purchased on December 13.

Burn ban is off. Campfires are allowed.   

Websites: is for camping, cabins, and vehicle permits; is for boating, fishing and hunting.

Fishing bait is available in Norton. T & D Bait Shop is operated at a house 1 block east of the Post Office, and 1/2 block south. Worms are for sale at the Alta convenience store and at Bomgaars.

Click on the News icon above to see our "Did You Know" information.

Questions about fees for camping and for vehicles in the park?

When you register a boat, you must provide a printed photo on paper or a pencil tracing on paper of the hull ID plate on your boat. If your newly acquired boat was built before 1974, chances are that it does not have a Hull ID. But if it does have a Hull ID...  On paper, either a printed photo, or a pencil tracing, is required to verify the hull ID. Here is a helpful link on how to do the pencil tracing:,cell%20phone%20in%20the%20water.

    The hull ID plate is usually located on the back outside right of the boat. As you are looking at the motor, the hull ID usually is on the boat to the right.

Firewood.... Bring firewood with you if you can. In Norton, Bomgaars and Casey's, both on hwy 36, sometimes sell bundles of firewood seasonally. 

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Here is the YouTube link for our video introduction to our CampIt Ks app!

The park is open for camping year-round. Reservations for this park can be made online or through the Cheney State Park Office at (316)542-3664.

For more information click, Sand Hills State Park


The water at the River Pond Campgrounds will be shut off on November 8th to all sites excluding 1-8 and 9-21 odd numbers. Shower Building #3 will also be closed for the season starting on November 8th. Shower Building #1 will remain open until Monday November 14th.

The water at the South Randolph Campground will be shut off on November 9th and the shower building will also be closed for the season. 

The Fancy Creek shower building will be closed for the season on November 15th. 

We are starting to winterize our sites for the season, we will be shutting off the water to the Riley Point Campground Monday November 7th.

Rocky Ford Campground will be closing down on November 7th. South Randolph and Fancy Creek Campgrounds are in walk-in status from November 1st to March 31st, you will not be able to make reservations beforehand. All sites at those campgrounds will be first-come first-serve. River Pond and Riley Point Campgrounds stay in reservation season until November 30th, then they will go into walk-in status December 1st to March 31st, you will not be able to make reservations beforehand. All sites at those campgrounds will be first-come first-serve. 

The Park Office will be CLOSED on November 11th in observance of Veterans Day. Park Office will be CLOSED November 24th and 25th for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Launch Date for 2023 RV/Tent Campsites is December 15th at 12pm.

Fancy Creek shooting is CLOSED due to construction repairs to the range.  

In the event of needing assistants with an issue when the office is closed during the week or weekend, please find a CAMPHOST in the park. Our camp-host for River Pond Area are located right by the east gatehouse as you come in by the archery range or right by the camp store. Our camp-host for the Rocky Ford area are located right across from site 119 and the trail head. Our camp-host for Cedar Ridge area are located in front of the cabins and next to the swing set. Our camp-host for Fancy Creek are located right next to the vault bathroom by Hidden Hallow Loop Campground. Our camp-host for South Randolph are located next to site 211 and across from the shower building. Our camp-host will be able to answer any of your questions or get in contact with a maintenance personal or Park Ranger to handle any issues. In the event of an emergency, call 911. 

For more information click, Tuttle Creek State Park


Water has been turned off at the following locations:

Old Marina Blacktop # 43-48
Coyote Shelter Area # 49-51
Beach Shower House
Rock Point Shower House
Fish Cleaning Station


For more information click, Webster State Park

2023 Reservations go live Thursday December 15, 2022 at noon. 2023 Annual permits go on sale Tuesday, December 13, 2022.

2023 Seasonal campsites (Dropseed 106-111) will be done by lottery drawing Monday December 12, 2022, 9:00AM at the park office.

Reminder: Reservations are not to be sold on Buy Sell Trade or Facebook Sites. If you can not occupy your site please contact the park office. 785-658-2465.

The new Switchgrass bathroom/shower facility & Big Bluestem bathroom/shower house are open year round in Hell Creek and Yarrow bathroom/shower house in Otoe is open year round.

Campgrounds with water available year round are: Big Bluestem, Foxtail, Lovegrass and Wheatgrass in the Hell Creek Area and Goldenrod in the Otoe Area.

Lovegrass Group Camp Area is available with online reservations. Annual Camp and 14 Night permits will not be valid when doing reservations in the Lovegrass Croup Camp area.

For more information click, Wilson State Park