State Park Alerts

Many reservoirs are experiencing unusually high water levels which may create hazardous floating debris and hide underwater obstacles. Always practice safe boating and use extreme caution in high-water situations.   

9-2-19: The park is open. All facilities are open. No utility sites have been affected.  We have had some primitive sites that have been affected, but are opening more shoreline access.  The swim area has been moved to the Bluffton Beach in the Bluffton Area.  We have been able to open the Cove 1 Boat Ramp.  The added water inflow has done nothing but improve our conditions.   

Due to the unstable structure of the 147 Hwy Bridge crossing Cedar Bluff Dam, Highway 147 will be closed from start of the dam to the north and right south of the bridge, the length of dam. The KDOT project is expected to start in early 2020 and will be replacing the bridge entirely. The current bridge has been there since the 1950s when the lake was built. There are county roads available for local traffic, but with the recent rains we encourage you to take the KDOT official detour. You can still get to the North Side Park from the North, and you can get to the South Side Park from the South by traveling 147 Hwy.

For more information click, Cedar Bluff State Park

09-19-2019   The office will be closed for a funeral On Friday, September 20th. 

For more information click, Cheney State Park

8-28-19: The park is open

  • All boat ramps closed.
  • Clinton Marina closed.
  • Swim Beach closed.
  • Red and Blue hiking trails closed. 
  • White trail in poor condition.
  • All campgrounds and cabins are open.

For more information click, Clinton State Park

8-28-19: The entire park is open. Campgrounds, trails, day use areas and cabins are all open.  

For more information click, Crawford State Park

8-27-19: The park is open.

  • All areas out of flood waters
  • Osage Plains, Cross Timbers, Group Camp and Blackjack loops look good
  • East boat ramp and courtesy dock are available for use
  • Debris still present in Sandstone Campground Campsites 40 – 60, new volunteer keeping unaffected areas mowed.
  • Debris still present in Holiday Hill Campground 1-12
  • Damage to cabin docks, Holiday Hill dock, unusable
  • Trails are an unknown, campgrounds (including Fall River) will take priority for cleanup

Do remember that flood waters displace animals from their homes and this is the great outdoors. Always be aware of your surroundings.

For more information click, Cross Timbers State Park

9-16-19: The park is open. Open areas include: Doud, West Point, Abilene, Blackjack and 5 Star campgrounds, East boat ramp, West boat ramp. Closed facilities: West boat ramp; Churchill and Cowboy campgrounds; swim beach and beach restroom. 

For more information click, Eisenhower State Park

8-28-19: The park is open with the following facilities notes:

  • Walnut River - all sites open and usable.  Beach open.  All cabins open
  • Boulder Bluff - all areas closed. Area 2-Equestrian is closed.  Main road is now open to allow access to sailing club facility and boat ramp
  • Shady Creek - all areas open.  Marina boat ramp is OPEN , Shady Creek 1 boat ramp OPEN
  • Bluestem - Area 1 – OPEN, BS3 - is OPEN, BS4 – CLOSED 
  • ALL Bluestem Boat ramps and the Beach are OPEN
  • Areas 5, 6, 7 are all open for camping

For more information click, El Dorado State Park

8-21-19: All areas of the park are open with the exception of Sunset Point. 

For more information click, Elk City State Park

8-28-2019: The park is open. Conditions at the State Park facilities are as follows:

  • All areas out of flood waters
  • Debris clean-up continues, significant progress, no grass where floodwaters were
  • Electrical & Water now on to campsites in Fredonia Bay and Casner Creek
  • All bathhouses now open, dump station open
  • There is damage to Casner Creek dock, Wind Hill dock and Quarry Bay is currently sitting on bottom or lake.  Only usable state park dock is South Rock Ridge.
  • Trails are an unknown, campgrounds will take priority for cleanup

For more information click, Fall River State Park

8-02-19: The trail is open from outside of Osawatomie at John Brown Rd, to Council Grove. There may be some flood-damaged spots in Franklin or Miami Counties.  Assessment continues. Some trail damage in the Rantoul area, both east and west of town, as well as in the Quenemo area, approximately 4 miles west of the Pomona Trailhead/ parking area and just west of 68 Highway, and west of Bushong. The trail is still rideable, visitors should be aware of possible rough surfaces and use caution to be aware of changing trail conditions.

For current trail construction updates, visit Flint Hills Trail Project

For more information click, Flint Hills Trail State Park

9-13-19: The park is open. 

Facilities Open -  Kanza 1-25 & 42-66, Kanza shower house, Cheyenne 1-28, Cheyenne shower house, fish cleaning station, cabins, Pawnee primitive, and Osage 24 hour generator area. 

Facilities Closed - Arickaree, Sioux, Kaw 1-18, Kaw shower house, Kaw primitive, West dump station, Kanza 26-41 Kanza primitive, Cheyenne 29-36, Cheyenne primitive, Osage boat ramp and dock, Kanza boat ramp and dock.

Cabins are not impacted.

Kanza 1-25 & 42-66, Kanza shower house, Cheyenne 1-28, Cheyenne shower house, fish cleaning station, cabins, Pawnee primitive, and Osage 24 hour generator area.

For more information click, Glen Elder State Park

Green Recreational Trail is closed until further notice due to severe damage from the 2018 Labor Day flood

For more information click, Green Recreational Trail State Park

8-28-19: The park is open

Rabbit Ridge primitive camp area is to reopening August 30, 2019;

Open Facilities: Jayhawk Boat Ramp OPEN, courtesy docks are available. Marysville Boat Ramp OPEN. Personal Watercraft ramp area is OPEN. Antioch Boat Ramp & pit toilet OPEN. Hillsdale Point Boat ramp OPEN. Hillsdale State Park Office is open. Jayhawk Gate House Entry Station will be open during weekend & evening hours for permit and license sales. Sunflower Utility Campground is open for reservations, must be utility RV campers. Jayhawk Marina is open. Jayhawk Marina Store is open. Picnic Shelter #1 & #2 is open. Outlet area below dam is open for fishing. Saddle Ridge Horse Campground is open for horse riders. Hillsdale Shooting Range is open. Sunflower Archery Range open to foot traffic. RC Barnstormers Radio Controlled Model Airplane field is open.

Closed Facilities: CAMPGROUNDS/CAMPING AREAS IN JAYHAWK PARK AREA CLOSED. Pintail Point utility campground, Quail Run utility campground, Quail Run primitive camp area, Crappie Cove utility camp area, Russell Crites primitive camp area, Scott Creek utility campground, all closed. All campground shower buildings are closed. The Russell Crites trailer dump station is closed. Russell Crites Ramp CLOSED. All courtesy docks are unavailable. Access to most of the Jayhawk Park area is closed. Limited primitive (tenting style) camping for 8 sites, walk up basis, no reservations, first come-first served, check-in at Sunflower Camp Host. All campground shower buildings and pit toilets are closed. Swim beach closed.  Windsurfer beach closed. Personal watercraft beach closed. Picnic Shelter #3 is closed. Scout/Youth Camping area #2 closed. Jayhawk Area Hike/Bike Trail is closed/flooded.

For more information click, Hillsdale State Park

8-28-19: The park is open. Lake is full and all facilities are open.

For more information click, Historic Lake Scott State Park


All utility campgrounds are open. We have plenty of primitive camping available. Swim Beach is slowly being exposed from the high water. At this time boat ramps are open without courtesy dock access. Sand Plum, Sandy Shore campgrounds and Horsethief Canyon Area hiking trails are still closed. NO TRAIL USE. 

For more information click, Kanopolis State Park

8-28-19: No flooding impacts.

For more information click, Kaw River State Park

No alerts at this time.

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9-20-19: Reservoir is currently 9.5 ft below conservation pool. The Marina Boat Ramp is closed.  Cedar Point boat ramp is open. Boaters should be watchful for low water hazards as the reservoir continues to draw down.  

For more information click, Lovewell State Park

8-28-19: The park is open and all facilities are open and available.

For more information click, Meade State Park

Update 9-20-19 - The park is open. The lake is 16 ft. above conservation pool. 

Open Facilities - Walnut Grove Campground sites 1-11,13-15, 28, 29, Cedar Point Campground sites 41-47, Eagle Ridge Campground all sites, Rusty Windmill sites 1 & 2, Prairie View Campground sites 1-8, Woodland Hills Campground 1-62, Hickory Hollow Campground all sites, Sunset Ridge Campground 0-9, Day use shelters 1-7, Lake view Shelter, Group Shelter, South Boat Ramp Restroom Facility, Marina Boat Ramp & Restroom Facility, Marina Fish Cleaning Station, Walnut Grove Boat Ramp, and 7 of our cabins. 

Closed Facilities - Cedar Point Campground sites 1-40, Prairie View 9-16, Walnut Grove Campground sites 12,16-24,28, 29, Woodland Hills Primitive Campground sites 63-88, Day use shelters 8-10, South Boat Ramp fish cleaning station, South Boat Ramp, Milford Lake Marina, Sprung Hut, all beaches are closed, Honey Locust, Red Cedar Cabin, Big Oak Cabin, and the Pump-A-Head Station at Yacht Club. Approximately 50% of our utilities are closed and approximately 30% of our primitive sites are closed. This list will remain closed until the lake level comes down quite a bit. As the lake level comes down we will reopen and repair the sites that were affected by the flooding. 

For more information, contact Milford State Park at (785) 238-3014 or visit the park Facebook page at

For more information click, Milford State Park

No alerts at this time.

For more information click, Mushroom Rock State Park


The office will be closed Wed Sept 18 2019 due to lack of staff.  Please use the self pay for daily permits.

ALERT:  Starting Sept 9th - Due to the construction at the Wild Horse Equestrian Campground and Day Use area will close AT 5 pm weekdays

 Gate will be locked at 5 PM and will reopen at 7 AM  (M-F) 

ATTENTION Equestrian Community:  On Thursday Oct 3 2019 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm Perry Lecompton High School will be hosting a Cross Country Meet at the Entrance to the Wild Horse Equestrian Campground.   Due to the high waters at Perry Lake the usual place for this event is under water and the State Park is trying to accommodate the high school.  Access will still be available for equestrian users on this Thursday event if necessary, and the event will not be near the camping area.

At this time we request that you stay off the Hickory Acres Horse Trials, due to the rain and high water.

What is Available: Eagle Landing, Cougar Pass, and Lake View campgrounds on the south side are available for camping with electricity and water.  The Lake View Shower/Bath house is now open. Wild Horse campground has electricity and is available for the equestrian community with water available at the entrance dump station.  Three bathhouses are available they are at Eagle Landing, Turkey Run and Lake View.  Primitive camping is available at Turkey Run and will be allowed at the picnic shelter areas also.  Entrance dump station is up and running.   Two cabins are now available for limited use, advanced reservations are required. Please call the office about availability and reservations.

What is Closed: Hobie Cove, Pelican Point, Hideaway, Catfish Alley and Mulberry Grove (all primitive areas) are closed due flooding and road damages.   Cottonwood Bridge (utility campground) is still closed.  Both boat ramps are still under water.  Shower house facilities in Wild Horse are closed due to a major water leak which resulted in the water being shut off.

NOTE:  We have a major water leak (140,000 gallons loss per month) and it is believed to be on the North side of the park, which impacts Wild Horse campground.  The leak is under the flood waters and we are unable to repair until waters recedes.  Therefore, water to Wild Horse campground is turned off however, water is available at the entrance dump station. 

No Swimming, wading or the launching of trailered motor boats is allowed anywhere in the State Park at this time!

Please use caution and wear brightly colored clothing (preferably ORANGE)when using all trials. Horse trails and bike trails also cross over into CORP of Engineers Land and there is walk in hunting on many parts of their property.

Starting Sept 16th - Dec 31st 2019 Archery Special Hunts will be conducted at the State Park in the area behind the office. Youth Special Hunts will be in the areas behind the office and across the road (237 Highway) to the south of the office.

For more information click, Perry State Park

9-6-19: The park is open.

  • All Utility Sites have been opened.
  • Light House Bay marina is open. Please call for specific information, 785-828-4777.
  • Swim Beach is closed.
  • Boat Ramp #1 is OPEN.
  • Boat Ramps #2, #3, and #4 are closed.
  • Primitive camp areas remain closed: Morning Star, Bunker’s Cove & White Feather
  • Other areas in the park have been opened for primitive camping.

For more information click, Pomona State Park

9-6-19: The park is open. All utility campgrounds are unaffected by the water level. Cottonwood primitive camping areas are flooded and the roads are closed.  East Leota road is open to the boat ramps, but the fishing and primitive camping areas beyond are flooded and closed.   West Leota primitive camping area is under water and the road is partially closed.  Bear’s Point primitive camping (straight south of the office) is under water and the road is closed. 

We have opened new primitive camp areas and adding fire rings and picnic tables to replace the flooded areas.

For more information click, Prairie Dog State Park

8-2-19: Various flood-damaged spots in Franklin County. Some spots closed. The trail suffered  flooding damage from the Franklin- Anderson County line, (Anderson County 2500 Rd), south approximately 2 miles to just south of Scipio Road, (Anderson County 2350 Rd).  The section is rideable on a mountain bike, however somewhat rough and some areas might require less experienced riders to walk the bike over. This section is just south of Richmond, after crossing under Highway 59.

For more information click, Prairie Spirit Trail State Park

08-28-2019: The entire park is open and usable. Reservations for the first weekend of the State Fair have filled the park but keep checking back in case someone should cancel.  There is still some availability for the second weekend of the fair still at this time.  The State Parks will also man the State Fair Cabin for tours so our patrons can see an example of the cabins that are available at most State Parks.  Check us out.

For more information click, Sand Hills State Park

8-28-19: The park is open. 

An August 2nd television news report indicated that Tuttle Creek State Park may not open next year due to flood damage. Actually, the report was referring to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) facilities. They are separate from Tuttle Creek State Park which is operated by the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. The state park is open with only minor damage due to this summer’s high water levels.

River Pond. K13 Highway across dam is open the whole way including overflow spillway.  River Pond is open.  All River Pond utility sites open, some primitive, all shower buildings, playground and shelters open.  Riley point area open.  Rocky Ford area is all open.   4 cabins are back on site and operational, 1 additional cabin could be available yet by end of week.  2 remaining cabins hopefully open within a week.  Kayak rentals open.  Beach is flooded again.  Disc golf course and archery range are open.  Gatehouse back to open normal hours.

Cedar Ridge.  Main boat ramp closed.  Wildcat Marina is open to modified operations.  Cabins and primitive camping are open

Randolph Area.  Normal.  Utility sites and primitive camping open

Fancy Creek.  Primitive camping open, utility sites closed through mid September and may be longer.  Vault toilets have been cleaned and open.  Sites are starting to come out of the water, but a lot of work needs to be done.   Driftwood is very heavy, road rock will be needed and some rr tie work will need repaired.  Fancy Creek shooting range is open.

For more information, contact Tuttle Creek State Park at (785) 539-7941 or visit the park Facebook page at

For more information click, Tuttle Creek State Park

9-16-2019 - The Park is Open. All utility campgrounds are open except Rock Point sites 78-85.  Lakeview primitive campground is limited.

DUE TO HIGH WATER --- We have closed the main road East of the Archery Range and Bait Shop until further notice. The office, the cabins, Lakeview and Rock Point Campgrounds are still accessible by the main road. To get to Webster Bait & Tackle, Hilltop, Old Marina, and Eagles Landing Campgrounds you will need to use ROAD 9.

For more information click, Webster State Park

09-18-19: The park is open. The office will be open Saturday, September 21, 2019 and closed Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Facilities open:  Otoe Area: Yarrow (EW) campground, Goldenrod (EW), Sunflower, Sagewort, Coneflower, Otoe Boat ramp, no courtesy dock. Hell Creek Area:  Indian Grass primitive, Lovegrass group camp, Big Bluestem (EW), Buffalograss primitive, Hell Creek Boat ramp, no courtesy dock. Side Oats primitive, Wheatgrass (E/W), Grama (E), Switchgrass mountain bike trail, Marina, Dropseed (EW, seasonal camp), Marina Cove Toadstools, Little Bluestem primitive.

Flooding Closures: Swim beaches are starting to show beach area with receding waters.

For more information click, Wilson State Park