Certified Game Breeders

Regulation 115-12-3: A game breeder permit shall be required to engage in the business of raising and selling the following wildlife:

  • species of reptiles or amphibians that are native to or indigenous to Kansas;
  • mountain lion, Felis concolor Linnaeus;
  • wolf, Canis lupus Say;
  • black bear, Ursus americanus Pallas; and
  • grizzly bear, Ursus arctos horribilis Ord. (Authorized by and implementing L. 1991,Chapter 106, section 1; effective Feb. 10, 1992.)

Game Breeder Regulations

NOTE: The Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-215, et. seq.) and specifically K.S.A. 45-230 provides that “no person shall knowingly sell, give or receive, for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein, any list of names and addresses contained in or derived from public records...” Violating these provisions may subject violators to civil penalties. See K.S.A. 45-230 for more information.