Collection Permit Application

To apply for a Collecting Permit to collect species for scientific, educational, or exhibition purposes, go to:

You will need to login or create a new user profile.  Once logged into your profile, select the “Customer Applications” option.

On the next page, scroll down until you see the “Scientific Collection, Education, and Exhibition Permit Application” license heading.

Select the blue button “Add to Cart” over to the right of the description, then go to your shopping cart to check out.

This will take you to the collection permit application where the applicant will give detailed information regarding their collection purposes and specimens they intend to collect. 

Once your application is complete, you will be prompted to enter payment information, then complete your transaction.   

Permits will not be immediately received.  Applications are subject to a review and approval process prior to receiving your permit.  Please ensure the applicant contact information listed on the permit application is correct so that we can contact the applicant if we have questions or need to request changes to the permit application.

Year-end reporting of all species collected under said permit is required. You can go to the Report Form link by clicking here.