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The Chickadee Checkoff is a line appearing on the Kansas Individual Tax forms. Since 1980, it has provided Kansans an opportunity to contribute to wildlife programs. The checkoff has allowed donations to projects for species of wildlife not normally hunted. In other words, if you want some money to go to projects to help eagles, songbirds, threatened and endangered species, turtles, lizards, butterflies and native stream fish, then this gives you the opportunity to donate directly to these programs. 

What Does It Do?

Chickadee Checkoff provides funding for research and surveying projects to help determine the status of nongame species.

Chickadee Checkoff Projects

Updates and reports on the projects that Chickadee Checkoff helped fund.

Chickadee Checkoff Small Grants Program

This program provides funding for habitat related work, researchers, educators, and naturalists to carry out projects focused on wildlife diversity and native non-game wildlife species.



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