Chickadee Checkoff Small Grants Program

Chickadee Checkoff Small Grants Program

Through the generosity of Kansans who donate to the Chickadee Checkoff Program hundreds of projects over the past 30 years have been funded. These projects directly relate and benefit wildlife diversity and non-game habitat improvement in Kansas. These efforts range from the very short and simple projects of the $500 level to much more substantial projects leveraging funds to match federal grants totaling in the several hundred thousand dollar range. Most of these larger projects and the most current efforts utilize the checkoff funds for matching federal grants such as Sec. 6 portion of the Endangered Species Act and the State Wildlife Grants program.

In recent years, the KDWPT has used a portion of these funds to solicit project proposals through the Chickadee Checkoff Small Grants Programs. This program provides funding for habitat related work, researchers, educators, and naturalists to carry out projects focused on wildlife diversity and native non-game wildlife species related to the Kansas Statewide Wildlife Action Plan, SWAP.

Funding Opportunity:

Once again, KDWPT is seeking proposals for the 2020 Chickadee Checkoff Small Grants Program.  Deadline: Wednesday, January 1, 2020.

KDWPT has developed a grant guidance document that provides more information regarding the program’s application process. Priority is given to projects that address the 2020 Chickadee Checkoff Small Grant Program Priorities listed in the guidance document. All projects submitted must address issues and strategies listed in the Kansas State Wildlife Action Plan which may be found on the KDWPT website by clicking SWAP.

Please see the guidance document for additional information and KDWPT contact information for any questions regarding the program. KDWPT reserves the right to decline, partially fund, or fund all of a proposed project.

Chickadee Checkoff Small Grant Guidance Document

Chickadee Checkoff Small Grant Budget Template