iWIHA Limited Access Hunts

One of the top priorities of KDWPT is to provide access for hunting opportunities in urban areas.  Throughout the years we have struggled to provide adequate, quality hunting access around the urban areas of Kansas City and Wichita.  This project is a way to give additional incentives to landowners who provide limited hunting access where it is needed the most.  The project's approach will tie these private land tracts to iSportsman's online permitting system.  This application will allow KDWPT to select a number of hunters that can access a site at any given time.  In order to access the property you will need to login to the Check-in/Check-out system. 

Go to https://license.gooutdoorskansas.com/ -- Check-in/Out -- Search for "iWIHA" in the list of available properties -- Check-in to your property of interest.  If you experience any difficulties please contact your local KDWPT office.