What to Look For When Reporting a Violation


When reporting a violation, please note as many facts as possible. You will be asked a variety of questions and the more information you can provide, the quicker the violator can be caught, and the case successfully prosecuted.

Do not attempt to stop a violation yourself or to detain those responsible. Be safe, and be a good witness!

  • What happened? What type of violation was it? When and where did it happen? Give the date, time and location, number of shots, etc.
  • Give as much information as possible about the suspect or suspects- name, address, telephone, physical description (age, weight, height, hair color, eyes, clothing and any other pertinent information).
  • Were firearms involved in the violation? Was the firearm visible or is it concealed in some way? Describe the number and type of weapons.
  • Describe the suspect's vehicle - make, year, color, style. License number and any other distinguishing feature like rusted spots or mismatched paint and dents?
  • What animals or fish were involved, how many, and where are they now?
  • Do you know about any other physical evidence - like hides, entrails, guns, cartridge cases, knives and such?
  • Has the illegal game or evidence been moved or will it be moved soon? How is it being transported, and where is it being stored?
  • Were there other witnesses? Give their names and any other information about the violation, suspect or violations that you may have noted.


Remember, try to get the information to us as soon as possible. Any delay may mean we might not catch the bad guys!

DO NOT use this number or form for general information requests. General wildlife and park information may be obtained by phoning the department's Information Section, (620) 672-5911, or contact one of the regional offices. If you're an active outdoorsman or woman, or just concerned about conservation in your area, get to know your local conservation officers. They protect the resource in your area. The list of Natural Resource Officer (NRO) numbers and the counties for which they are responsible are provided to help concerned citizens curb wildlife crime in Kansas. Click here to find an NRO phone number.

Operation Game Thief Report Form