Benedictine Bottoms Wildlife Area News

Area News

After the prolonged 2019 spring and summer flooding, the Benedictine Bottoms has rebounded back with some of the best vegetation and habitat seen since the 2011 flood. Annual smart weed, barnyard grass, sunflowers, and fox-tail flourish. Quail and pheasant numbers on the area seem to be good, several covey's have been spotted, although pheasant number's seem to be less than before the 2019 flood. The deer population has not been affected and a youth hunter harvested a very impressive 16 point whitetail buck during September youth season. The vegetation in the wetlands is ideal for waterfowl, and we have started pumping for Teal season. Expectations are high for a great waterfowl season.

The area is open in the month of September only to hunting for the dove and teal seasons. Non-toxic shot is required for all shotgun hunting. All other hunting on the wildlife area is regulated through a drawing in the department's special hunts program. Sign up for Special Hunts is online at the Kansas Department of Wildlife,Parks, and Tourism website or you can click this link. Deadline for application is September 28th for November-February hunts.