Benedictine Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Mallard Migration Rank:  3 (Estimate of potential mallard numbers. 1=lowest, 10=highest) 
Water level

A map of our wetlands is now available under the Wetland Map tab to the right.

The wetlands have great habitat, such as, Giant Foxtail, Annual Smartweed, and Barnyard Grass. 

All the wetlands are holding water fairly well. The west wetland pump is going again and is pumping the southern complex. All of the wetlands are having trouble holding water this year due to dry conditions/low water table. Mallards have been seen and heard using the large wetland west of the shop. Lots of geese have been seen flying over the wildlife area. 

Refuge(NOT open to hunting)

October 1 through March 31 the area can only be accessed with a special permit obtained through a drawing. Look for "Special Hunts" on our home page under "HUNTING".

Hunting conditions  Native vegetation such as annual smart weeds, barnyard grass, foxtail, and sunflowers are the most common vegetation.   
Expected hunting success About 1000 Canada Geese and 1000 Mallard Ducks are using the refuge area. The cold air mass and snow potential should increase duck numbers and hunting success.
Comments The wetlands have a good variety of vegetation. REFUGE IS CLOSED TO HUNTING.