Brzon Wildlife Area News

2021 Dove Season and Special Hunts

Located North of Belleville, KS. Sunflowers were planted and they are ripe. Strips will be mowed to designate shooting zones and to attract doves. There are other fallow fields and several shelterbelts as well as several, small ponds in the middle of the area to also attract doves.

The dove field located west of the Information Center will be open ONLY to youth under the age of 18 with a mentor over the age of 18 for the first 6 days of the season, September 1-6. The rest of the area will be OPEN to ALL hunters September 1 through 10. After that the area will be closed to hunting except for Special Hunts.

All other hunting on Brzon WA is controlled by the Department's Special Hunt program through an application and drawing process 

Because Hunter Education classes are sometimes not regularly scheduled and often difficult to work into already busy schedules, the State of Kansas has made it easier to begin hunting even without taking the class. In recent years, Kansas has passed laws so that persons 15 and younger may hunt without hunter education as long as they are directly supervised by an adult 18 or older. Again this year Kansas allows anyone 16 years and older who has not passed a hunter education class to purchase a one-time "apprentice hunting license" which allows them to hunt while accompanied by a licensed adult 18 or older. The apprentice license is good for the calendar year.

Remember before heading to the field to purchase your HIP stamp and plug those shotguns so they are capable of holding no more than 3 shells.

Click here for 2021 Dove Google Earth Maps